Say It Aint So!!!!

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  1. Issue the black armbands.. Lower the flags...

    drape some black crepe around 'glamour ' websites and postings of nekkid women on the tinterweeb..
    The Icon of Icons, the Epitome of Hot Tottie.. the Object of Wanklust throughout the world has passed on..


    passed away at age 85

    She set the standard..much imitated, never bettered..
    today's crop of blatant, show-all, hide nothing extreme pornsters have nothing on her...

    Many a chap will be trying to unglue a few pages from his treasured - memories - to revisit -erm --

    I await the announcement of the unveiling of statues in her honour and will be hoisting a few in her name this day..
  2. Sorry. Who?
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  4. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps.
  5. A sad loss
  6. Only 27+ hours too late, you slacker....
  7. I'll knock on off tonight in remembrance of the's what she'd want
  8. Oi.. Airifx..

    lighten up.. not all of us operate in the same time zone as you...

    and Bettie deserves more than one thread anyway...she ' inspired' more than one generation in the -er- manly art of self abuse ...