Say good bye to your morning...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Listy, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. And flashbacks as well
  2. That's brought back some memories...

    No sign of "Muffin the Mule" though, and I don't mean the version covered by the Sexual Offences Act 1832.
  3. Thanks Great link takes me back to 70's Summer TV Adventures of Robinson Crusoe The Banana splits and all the rest Top work
  4. ... I love you guys...

    'Beat the Teacher'! I forgot that fcuker existed.

    Currently wetting her knickers to Airwolf.
  5. Ah happy memories. Question for the clever clogs out there, and forgive my ignorance, how do I copy that onto my PC without linking back to the original site. I am not an audio guru
  6. The adventure game..... Ahh the talking plant
  7. Right click on MP3 file and choose "Save Target As..........."
  8. agreed.... there goes my morning, and afternoon!
  9. Thanks Msquadred, appreciated, in fact appreciated so much I bought you a drink, ah but you werent there. Thanks anyway, the drink was lovely
  10. Sorry but its not complete without the Ski sunday theme, Great find anyway
  11. Ski Sunday is available on BBC website, if you cant get it, PM me with an email address and Ill send it to u
  12. brilliant :)

    christ, the nights i used to stay up late to watch The Hitman and Her to see Michaela Strachan in her heyday!

    and had to laugh at the ITV wrestling...

    couldn't find Press Gang (Julia Sawalha... mmmm) or the Wonder Years theme! already got it, just thought it was an obvious omission...
  13. My god Just found this....

    Ski Sunday Remix

    Soon to be found in a club near you!!!