Discussion in 'Infantry' started by soprano54, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Is Saxon still used in Mech Bns or has it been replaced by Bulldog? :?
  2. Let's hope so! It was sh1te. On local news today that 500th Bulldog has been delivered, which should be more than enough to equip the six Mech Bns.
  3. Hitched a lift in one back in 2006 in Kabul, but not seen one since.
  4. used them on telic 2. bag of shite in that environment. thank fuc k they hadnt mastered the ied at that time.

    they were worn out then christ knows how bad the remaining ones are
  5. Saxon eh? :p :p :p
    I've often wondered how and why, at at time when Ludgershall was stuffed full of perfectly serviceable Saracens, the MOD were persuaded to purchase that heap of Shyte as a battle field taxi for non-mech infantry? No doubt some now-retired officer working at MOD made a packet on it but the decision to purchase should be investigated for future reference IMHO.
  6. Speaking of which, I saw this pic on Wiki yesterday, but it's since been edited out of the article:



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  7. As their friendly now maybe we could give them some more ?probably
    cheaper than scrapping.
  8. Paint scheme looks like it was done by a nursery group.
  9. the paint job looks like those paintball stickers that chavs use to customise their cars!

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  10. HEY!!!!!!! Thats one of my fcuking vehicles :x can not believe the paperwork involved in covering my arse over that one!!!!!......

    Sod it it, they can have it :D