saw this on another forum

clearly belong to a brown nosing war dodging back slider :D
What sort of sad git searches Ebay for that sort of kit? :lol:

I'll bet mdn has put a bid in for it. He's hoping to wear it so he can pass himself off at the next fat groundie botty bandits reunion.
Its not yours is it

Yours still have avtur and Cpl stripes on them and the shoulders are too big but the waist size 12 inches too small

He also has 50% more medals than you :D
Here's a piccy that was sent to me annonymously from somewhere in Brumm. With the attached note saying;

"Heres a snap of that fraudster, mdn. It was taken at the entrance to the 1998 Macclesfield Womens Institute Charity fund raiser bash, in aid of the Paraplegic Swiss Deep Sea Fishermens refuge (to which mdn claims he is a patron). Mdn was invited as guest of honour due to the fact that he was an Ex Brigadier General in the Lichtenstein Para Commandos, Special Forces from 1936 to 1987. As you can imagine, he's let himself go since this picture was taken and has also got a 'Bobby Charlton' comb over now.
He spent several hours at the WI bash attempting to slip a crippler to an old disabled woman who happened to be my grandmother. His claims ranged from fanciful to totally outrageous.
The real givaway was his claim to be leader of an all girls marching band from Pontefract who had to parachute in to deepest Siberia and conduct a covert 'op' on the worlds top Badminton players who happened to be holding a winter training camp 'somewhere in Russia'. He also claimed to be the inventor of the internet and advised on the Icelandic space programme.

Regards, concerned from Solihull"

I may stoop to many lows, however I would never ever dress up in a septic uniform, not even to clean the khazi :D

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