Saw this and thought of you!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jeanne_d_Arc, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Good evening folks! Just had to share this with you dirty beggars...

    I sent a message to my (university) students this afternoon drawing their attention to vacancies still available on PGCE courses next year.

    Imagine my surprise when one (female) student replied to the message saying:

    'sorry im too busy taking it up the wrong'un'

    Being the mistress of understatement, I have sent her the following message:

    'Interesting reply! Glad I didn’t forward it to the whole e-mail list...'

    Content aside I am shocked at her poor grasp of punctuation! :lol:
  2. Grooming is offence you know?
  3. PM me the email address please, got some work for her.
  4. Clearly a victim of textspeak. The young lady concerned was plainly attempting to inform you that she was taking an IT course up at the 'wrong' uni and misspelled drastically.

    It makes me wonder what sort of entry criteria do you have at your place - lucky bags? :wink:
  5. I wonder how she even managed to text you back :?

  6. Who the fk mentioned text??
  7. Never mind all the above, pm me with your phone number and you can join her in the spirit of sexual freedom. Er, you are a bird, aren't you?
  8. I pity the lass in question. If she is able to concentrate on checking her hotmail account then the chap "doing" her is plainly on the small side.
    Please forward my PM details to het, I'm clean and can travel/accomodate
  9. Where will you be accomodating her Taff, in the sh*d?
  10. Good lord, no!
    I thought I might take her in the summer house................
  11. Excellent idea! I take it your summer house has an all round view from plenty of windows. I'll be along with the video equipment later.