Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Taz_786, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Released today!

    Been looking forward to this for ages...hope it lives up to the hype considering how crap other horror films have been of late!
  2. Did you saw saw 2 too? :p
  3. Watched Saw2 last's great! It's even better than the first one so lets hope the third installment continues this trend.
  4. Caught it tonight, its not for the squeamish! The improvised brain surgery with a drill in glorious close-up was quite nasty but if you dont like this sort of stuff then why watch it in the first place?

    I had an annoying bint next to me going OMG OMG all the way through...idiots.

    Film itself was ok, pretty predictable but some good traps and some loose ends were tied up.

    Probably more films on the way though, too much of a money spinner now, the Saw franchise.
  5. Went to watch this on Friday with a certain fit and tasty blonde member of the site.

    It is fcuking top banana!!

    Not for the faint of heart and the usual Saw franchise twists and turns (although I did figure the plot out after 15 minutes :) )

    If you like to scare the missus to death without the involvement of a Webley and 1 live round, take her.

    BTW, the certain blonde hid her head for the first 20 minutes and nearly fainted during the "hooks in the flesh" scene. The waving of a hand in front of her face to cool herself down was particularly amusing :)

    Although I promised I wouldn't tell, so keep it quiet ;)

  6. Ok ok so i admit i did hide my head alot and yes the light fittings in the odeon cinemas these days are really interesting, i think I counted 8 lights and a couple of emergency exits. Then i tried to work out how many rolls of wallpaper it would take to redecorate the room and then counted how many seats there were.

    Once i had got over the initial nausea and came round from the blood rushing to my head and the hot and cold sweats i actually enjoyed the film. Very very well done, as were the other two. Not sure which was best Saw 2 or 3 but well worth going to watch.

    Just take a sick bag with you as my only thought during the "trolly nearly fainted scene" was Oh my god where do i puke? On the floor or do i make a complete prat out of myself and run out of the room.
    Take a bottle of water, a fan and a puke bag with you and you will be fine.

    If anyone needs a supply of sick bags before you go, feel free to PM me your address and i will steal some from work for you xx


    P.S Stella you know the scene in the film where the bloke woke up with all the hooks in him (yes the bad one that made me ill)..... well as a thank you for putting this post in keep one eye open next time you stay at my house, you may well wake up to find yourself in a similar situation.
    Then again you like that kind of thing dont you ;)
  7. I dream of the day ;)
  8. Saw IV - Son of Jigsaw?

    It appears another film is already in the pipeline.
    Which, based on the third films ending and the fact that horrors series that continue beyond 3 films usually turn into un-scary badly-conceived sh1te, this is probably a very bad idea indeed.

    A quick google search suggests the producers still don't know what they'll do with a forth film. Though a prequel seems most plausible - and a less messy prospect than trying to develop a plot after Saw III.

    Horror prequels are however also a crap idea - Texas chainsaw & the exorcist prequels being prime examples.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I was diddled by that movie, the adverts had all that cool music and then you see it any its not much of an exorcism and its not got any cool music, fatherless bast*ards
  10. To be honest I didn't think it was all that, liked the bit where the bloke had all his limbs twisted round on he machine but apart from that was pretty boring, the first one was the best I think, either that or I'm just a sicko thats finds nothing scarey :-/
  11. All I can say about that film - sick, sick, sick!!