Saw a Few Of These Swinging Past The Cenotaph Today

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Santa_Sunday, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. A bloke from the legion had one on today on camp, the daft bit is he already had the GSM NI and his LS&GC.
    He did have them on the same side just mounted above the bling one.
  2. Bastard panzerknacker wouldn't let me wear my McDonalds Stars......
  3. just got back from the cenotaph good up there it was.
  4. Can you put the bronze plaques back now please?
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  5. you disrespectfull motherfucker i would kil you if you was in front of me now.
  6. Take one of these and call me in the morning son.
  7. Were these commemorative pieces of tat worn by serving soldiers? No? Thought not. A few old boys wear what amounts to badges next to their 'real' gongs and some of you lot are wetting your knickers. Get a grip.

    I sat next to a Veteran today in the Legion after we attended the local parade. He had about 15 of the bleeding things all over his jacket. He made Audi Murphy look like a minimalist. I had a little rueful internal shake of the head that he lined the pockets of some opportunist bling merchant, but if he thinks it makes him part of the event, so what?

    Non story. Move along folks.
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  8. So you bought one? :)
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  9. But would you? Would you really kill him?
  10. Bulk purchase. The rest of the year they are hung out in my garden frightening the magpies.
  11. I believe he would, with pointless anecdotes and halitosis.
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  12. There are some on here that are probably secretly hoping. :wink:
  13. Death by boredom?

    Drowned in moonface dribble?

    beaten to death with a laboon?
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