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I want to save a complete webpage & insert it into another document.
Saving by 'print screen' only saves that part of the page which is visible.
I can save the whole page on firefox by using 'scrapbook' but how do I export what I have saved to, say, Powerpoint or onto a 'Word' page?
The trouble here is that to what end do you need to use this saved webpage?

Surely if your using it in Powerpoint, showing the whole of the webpage on a slide is not possible? Would it not therefore be a better idea to take multiple screenshots of the whole page and then stitch them together (Either in a graphics package or just using Powerpoint/Word itself)?
Try the following: (using Firefox)

<File>, <Save Page As.... Ctrl+S>

<File>, <Open File... Ctrl+O>

Highlight saved page.

Right Mouse button, <Copy>

Open new doc, Right mouse button, <Paste>


I find copying directly from a web page using KDE copy feature results in corruption or display of control characters in new doc. Copying from saved pages seems to get round this problem. As I don't have Windoz, I'm only guessing one uses a similar procedure.

I do this often with OO which reformats the web page as it's copied from, in my case 'Klipper - clipboard tool'. ( I use Linux obviously :D )

Hope that helps and I haven't misunderstood.

You could use the magnify option on your web browser to shrink the page (e.g. setting it to 25% or 50%) so all of it is displayed in the browser window and then use CTRL-Print Screen to get a screen grab.

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