Saving UK plc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by longlivethequeen, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. Saving the UK

    We all can agree that UK plc is in deep poo we are skint unemployment is going through the roof and our Government cannot or will not take its head out of the sand and admit that we a sinking faster than the Titanic.

    How in your opinion can we fix it???
  2. The first thing is to get rid of this corrupt thieving government. That will be the start of the UK getting better.
  3. Would hav eto be a long term plan, firstly no professional politicians, must have had to do something before going into the cloistered world, military service, police, NHS, etc etc the ones that get to take the crap most of the time
  4. Get rid of this Government. Get the Queen and her Generals in charge.

    Sort out the dole scroungers (not the genuinely unemployed, I'm talking of the permanent lazy wasters, single mothers and fake disabled).

    Kill off the many QuANGOs.

    Get rid of some of the pathetic laws that mean nothing and just cost money to implement.

    Immediate expulsion of all illegal immigrants. Only those who have skills we need can get in.

    De-Politicise the Police and CPS so they can do their job, and give Judges more power to make punishments fit the crime

    Education Education Education

    Bin the NHS. If you want anything above Emergency care then get insurance.

    So much more...
  5. Reduce the number of people in each office, spin doctors, publicists, advisers, and pay per day of attendance at Westminster or at constituency offices. End the trips around the world for conferences, video conferencing is good enough and considerably cheaper that a gaggle of comfy seats on an aircraft. No directorships wether non-exec or not at companies, quangos to go or at least reduce power, the end of automatic peerages, especially to those who appear to be a bit pants at the job.

    And to add a majority vote on any laws imposed from outside, especially from a large body who has still not had any accounts rattified by auditors.
  6. UK PLC is viable but it would take at least ten years to undo the damage from to last 15 years.

    Firstly - lower corperation tax and increase small business relief. Get the business back to Britain

    Secondly - We need an industrial base to provide employment, it currently isnt viable due to import taxes and regulations. I would de-regulate businesses and lower import taxes making it viable to increase imports. getting more income overall by increasing input.

    Thirdly - I would reform primary school education, at the moment there is too much in it. Reduce it, focus on mathes english, science and geography. Scrap this PSHCE crap. There is nothing wrong with the methods used just the subjects.

    Fourth - Alter secondary get rid of vocational subjects, lower the leaving age back to 16. Provide a stimulus to increase vocational subjects at FE allowing two tier education to be reformed if you want to learn a trade you can. You want to do A levels fine.

    Fifth cut the budgets of welfare and local councils. Make them provide local services but reduce the other bits such as stupid rokles like cohesion officers.

    Sixth - I would centralise the NHS instead of making them accountable at ward level make the pot centralised and thus you avoid the need and the cost of employing someone to manage the accounts at ward level.

    Finally - Make the forces more independant of parliment, yes still follow their orders but give senior commaders more of a voice.

    Thats just the way I see of correcting UK PL and making it viable.
  7. Don't bother saving it. Leave it to collapse and once the politicians, bankers and other parasites have fucked off, build it back from the ground up.

    It's a hollow shell of what it once was and only the edifice is worth saving.
  8. And replace them with an equally corrupt and self serving bunch of thieving politicians? Sadly that is the inevitable result at the next election.

    As to correcting the mess we are in-

    Remove the EU's ability to impose law in the UK, full review of all laws implemented in the last 15 years

    35% spending cut in all areas except defence in the next quarter. By whatever means necessary

    A blanket ban on immigration of all kinds until the system is brought under control.
    All immigrants to be self funding and produtive or they are out.
    All immigrants that have arrived in the last 10 years who are not productive and self funding removed

    Welfare reform on a huge scale. And end to something for nothing.

    Use some of that spending reduction to reduce the tax burden on the nett contributors to our country, spending will be stimulated when people can keep some of their own earnings to spend.

    Open trading with the Commonwealth being treat in the same way as the EU

    Bin all this lunatic green legislation and taxation and re-evaluate it from scratch, honestly.

    Introduction of a national service corps, either civic or military at the choice of the participants.

    Vocational training in trades to be equally as available as further education. The country needs plumbers more than it needs sociologists.

    Chief Constables ought to be elected and ACPO thrown out. Policing for the people, not for politial interest.

    Expansion of the armed forces to a level where they are capable of fulfilling the tasks we ask of them.

    An introduction of severe penalties for corruption in public office, rigorously enforced

    Most importantly a return to governance and law as defined in The Bill of Rights and Magna Carta

    There are loads more, its academic really as nobody with the ability to do anything about ny of it can see further than lining their own pockets. Regardless of which party they represent they have no interest beyond personal gain.
  9. Not so sure the next few Governments will be as self serving there will be a much closer eye on what they are doing, one of the decent points of the freedom of information act.

    Rather withdraw from the EU as it is, as it is little more than a massive gravey train and a subsidy for France, and a simply worded vote on all the laws passed by them and imposed on us, especially the ones that many of the other members choose to ignore when it suits them. Have the same scrutiny on their finances as I do when mine go to be checked for my always looked forward to annual tax bill.

    Wouldn't impose military service however a compulsory civic service as part of the long term unemployed rehabilitation into getting into the swing of getting up and going to work.

    Seen the election of Chief Police positions used effectively in the States although it does give a bit of a political slant on the higher offices.
  10. Put not your trust in princes, their first priority is always to make sure the tax-collectors visit on time.
  11. Get shot of the farking 'Nues Arbeits Partie'.... put in a Conservatives government.... even with the Boy Dave Lite and the Tory Boys, anything must be better than the current bunch of testicle-less farck-wits....

    I would vote for the Lib-Dems.... but they 'Love EU-SSR-Land-Land' far too much....

    A Conservative government, even with Cameroony as Dear Leader.... must give a certain boost to the financial markets and stock exchange... instead of our current Pseudo-Commie 'Squander Bugging' Numtpy-ised bunch of Hoons in the form of Cyclops and Friends...

    Rant over.... I rest me case...... :p
  12. All too true,but at least we would have a real say on how the cash spent.

    Besides UKIP and the Lib dems are putting a raise in the tax thresh-hold on the map.

    Want a more efficient government?Starve the bastards of cash,they cant waste what they dont have. (unless of course you are Labour who will simply borrow more to waste.)
  13. Or just print it, or even better tell the world that you will sell your most valuable asset so the prices plummetto rock bottom price then watch the price rocket after.
  14. [align=center]When a man spends his own money to buy something for himself, he is very careful how much he spends and how he spends it.

    When a man spends his own money to buy something for someone else, he is still very careful about how much he spends, but somewhat less what he spends it on.

    When a man spends someone else's money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about what he buys, but doesn't care at all how much he spends.

    And when a man spends someone else's money on someone else, he doesn't care how much he spends or what he spends it on.

    And that's government for you

    Milton Friedman
    Nobel Laureate