Saving some Iraqi families from the worst hit areas.



I have Just heard a debate on BBC radio 2-Jeremy Vine-20/03/07.

I only caught the last few minutes of the conversation.
Yet the jist of it is something I have stated before here on Arrse.
Is it at all possible to bring refugees over from Iraq. Bring them here to the sanctuary of Britain.

The families who have endured nothing but hell on earth. The ones that did not want this chaos in their lives. The ones who are innocent and caught in the crossfire. The debate followed the line that as we as a nation are partly responsible for lifting the lid off Iraq and releasing the fire that is-then it would be 'just' to offer sanctuary to some.

The quote was for a million- yet this of course would kill the debate before it begins. My request would be for a few hundred with families and the injured.

This is not an impossible task-whoever actioned it in parliment would surely gain some respect from Britain as a whole. So is it time to start this simple task and bring some traumatised Iraqi people over to Britain for some peace and to give them time to find their footing.
a just notion. it would perhaps be difficult to implement due to the rush of applicants but surely not impossible.
imagine there disapointment when they got here!

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