Saving Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Gosport

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dave8307, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. I don't normally post on here and if its been posted before just give me a kick up the arsse:

    Scanning the electronic Telegraph today I espied the following article

    The last military hospital.
    Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 05:58 PM GMT [General]

    You are all probably aware that Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, the only proper military hospital in the UK, is to be closed in July 2009.

    There is truly no substitute for a mainland UK military hospital, morale is often the key to recovery. Our troops and the services need to be treated with more respect. I served as a naval nurse at Haslar in the 60s. We dealt with men injured during Aden, and we nursed them very, very well!

    Please write to call for Haslar to be retained, Please Write Now! JOHN HUTTON ,MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit 5th Floor, Zone A Main Building Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB

  2. 100 good reasons too keep Haslar, but i doubt that One Eye would make the decision too keep Haslar as that might be admitting the closure of military hospitals was wrong, and we all know they don't ever admit to making mistakes...
  3. Number 18 should be the only reason needed.
  4. Disgusting. Zanu-NL further surprises me as to the depths it will go to.
  5. 100 very telling reasons..... I'm sure Arrsers can come up with more ... [except possible PTP as he comes from Selly Oak area???? and I get the impression from his posts on the subject that he thinks it's the answer to the problem. I stand to be corrected]
  6. Seems to me Number 18 shows it's maybe not a very good hospital.

    Seriously though this issue was raised as a petition on the No10 website which attracted over 65,000 signatures. The reply, rather predictably was a big fat freddy.

    Hasn't a lot of the infrastructure already been stripped out of RNHH anyway? Last time I was in that neck of the woods it was already looking pretty empty and run down.
  7. Newcastle? I must have been out taking a leak when that happened.
  8. Haslar is still a working hospital. The major local NHS hospital Queen Alexandras at Cosham is being re-developed and the civvies are using Haslar for ward space. It's still a well equipped, well maintained (although now underused) hospital. As to being run down- absolutely not. One of the reasons Haslar was chosen as the last service hospital in the mid 90s was because it was in such good condition compared to the rest i.e. it didn't need much cash spending on it. Ironic really when you consider that it is- or was until recently anyway- probably the oldest military hospital in the world.
  9. I hate to correct you Dave8307 but RHH can never go back to being a military hospital. Whilst the hospital is closing in 2009 the military handed over total command of the site in 2007. Whilst there are still a small number of military staff working there they are now under NHS control.

    Just like with the closure of Selly Oak hospital in 2010 the current retail value for re-development of the site into homes is in the high millions and the money raised will not go back to the NHS but into the Governments central fund.
  10. worm on a stick

    ...nothing to correct, mate. All I did was copy and paste an article from the Telegraph (as stated). Also stated that I don't often post - in this case I thought it important to highlight to people who will be affected by the decision that a story had achieved national prominence.
  11. 10 Queen Alexandra Hospital, when it is rebuilt, will have one less operating theatre.

    Bolloxs - discounting Day Surgery , there will be 22 elective / trauma theaters (None UCV and UVC) and 2 maternity theatres

    11 The new QA will also have one less ward.

    Bolloxs - there are almost a thousand impatient beds split over five levels (discounting high care wards, oncology wards and NICU)

    14 Haslar boasts a 'zymotic' (isolation) ward that could be used in the event of biological attack or a flu pandemic.

    QAH has an entire departmet on level F.

    Zymotioc 'wards' is a huge exaggeration. QAH has 12 'Class 3' patient rooms for both bacterial and radiological patients

    19 Southampton General Hospital, a teaching hospital, can provide the advanced training needed for more senior service staff.

    No it cant.

    QAH will have a whole new education building - for both S'oton and Portsmouth post-graduate medics

    29 There has been increased demand for acute care in Portsmouth and Southampton hospitals since the QA rebuild project was planned.

    Of which none goes to Haslar because of limited/none-existant helipad and road access.

    QAH has a dedicated roof top heli-pad with dedicated access to Critical care and dedicated Trauma Theatre

    89 Haslar boasts a decompression chamber.

    That the Navy originally wanted to move it to QAH but the plan was rejected by the MOD pending a 'barginning agreement' with the PCT

    The Navy WANT to sell Haslar to fund MOD projects
  12. I find this appalling. All I can say is thank you to the staff of Haslar for the treatment I received in August 1974. I'm still walking.
  13. It's like death and taxes; both get you in the end.

    Haslar will close - Selly Oak will close. It's a decision that's already been taken and no amount of shouting will reverse those decisions.
  14. Been there recently seemed to be up and running, with attendant horrible matelots running the show.
  15. No 7 isn't true anymore no MDP at Hasler (as far as I'm aware)