Saving Private Ryan: German Terps Required!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Magic_Mushroom, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Right chaps, I happened to watch ‘Saving Private Ryan’ again during the week of the D-Day anniversary. Anyway, one aspect of the film has always bugged me due to my own limited German linguistic skills.

    In the final battle scenes where the US and Wehrmacht soldier (the one who susequently shoots Tom Hanks' character and who is himself then summarily killed by 'Upham') fight hand to hand in the house, the US guy ends up being killed by his own knife. My question is, what is the German saying which initially makes the Spam think he wants to stop fighting, and what does he say as the US soldier dies?

    All interpretation gratefully received!

  2. Was hat er gesacht
  3. I would like to be of help, but without knowing the original German text, cannot do anything.
  4. "Gib' auf, du hast keine Chance! Lass' es uns beenden! Es ist einfacher für dich, viel einfacher. Du wirst sehen, es ist gleich vorbei."

    Translates 'correctly' to:

    " Promise to stop fannying around with this sharper than a 'bag of really sharp things' object and I will show you my secret stash of ApfelKorn & S&M magazine collection - Deal?"
  5. Oder kaufen sie Langenscheidts universal Worterbuch
  6. VMT guys!!! I prefer Gundolph's answer personally!! 8)

  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My punt:

    "Give up, you have no chance! Let us end it! It is easier for you, much easier. You will see, it is soon over."

    But my German is not that good.
  8. "Gib' auf, du hast keine Chance! Lass' es uns beenden! Es ist einfacher für dich, viel einfacher. Du wirst sehen, es ist gleich vorbei."

    When translated using my patent "one litre of ice cold Bommerlunder, guaranteed fluidity in German in only fifteen minutes, when drunk through a straw" translation aid, comes out as:

    Giz a blow job if you want to dance, let us be ducks, it is one box for you, many one boxes, you'll see sausages, its nearly foreplay.
  9. I was in Saving Private Ryan in that 'Battle of Rummel" scene. I got a phone call asking if I wanted to be in a film and as I was doing feck all, said yes. You had to be recently out or still serving because of the weapons, the bangs, the pyro etc. The production staff did have a bit of a problem at times because they treated us like actors and we behaved like squaddies. German squaddies.

    We got a briefing at the beginning saying "There will be no racist jokes, no religous jokes, blah, blah" so can you guess what happened next? Close enough.

    All I can tell you that I suited the SS quite nicely and we were kicking Tom Hanks's arse until the very end when speilberg decided that the Americans should win. Most unfair and a change of plan that we didn't agree with.

    I was on the german version of a gimpy which was soooo cool - the feed tray works the other way 'round, if that makes sense but easy to use. If I remember correctly I shot Tom (who, I must say, is a great bloke) 7 times in that last scene and we all had German names. I was Helmut!

    In the film, when those tanks go past, that shaking isn't a special effect - the tigers were T34's with a second skin on top and were VERY LOUD AND NOISY. I suppose that if you were ex-RTR or something then it was home from home but not being used to tanks...
    The food was brilliant - equal to the rock 'n roll standard and that village was built on the disused airfield at Hatfield.

    You know, I had more fun in those 8 weeks than I did in the whole of my military service. I was living in Highbury at the time and I walked into the pub on a busy friday night and the crowds parted - I couldn't get out of my SS head and the makeup wouldn't come off. Great times. Anyone else?
  10. Yep but in Ireland. I did get a laugh out of Spielberg while dressed as Hitler with a Gaffer tape 'tache. :)

    Dale Dye nearly died!
  11. Dale Dye! Feck me i'd forgotton about that one. Was he for real or did he make himself up?
  12. No he was the real deal. Saved Oliver Stone's life in Vietnam apparently and Stone got him into the film industry. Of course that might just be a "story". There's a potted biography of him on Wikipedia.

    Absolute gentleman. Very impressive individual I always thought.
  13. Farmer Bleep... You will know a good friend of mine then... he is the one being 'carried' away from the shelling scene by a fellow GI, which is shown in the opening scenes of every episode... we all had to watch YouTube where he told us he was in a trench and we would 'clearly' see him at something like 2:13 into the clip - it was at night and all you could see was a blur of Helmets!!! :D

    He also plays a starring role in one of my stories in "Pull Up a Sandbag" which we have never let him forget :lol:
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    No they don't. The chap who shoots Capt Miller and is then shot by Upham isn't the same guy who was hand to hand fighting with Mellish.

    Apart from not looking like each other (apart from the shaved hair) the first guy is Wehrmacht and the bayonet killer is SS.