Saving PC Lauren

The diversity training, which will cost thousands of pounds, is designed to ensure there is no discrimination against Lauren - which could leave the force open to an expensive compensation claim.

I believe that is the most important statement there. Unfortunately organisations are having to protect themselves because many have been hit in the past. Isn't that reasonable?
Will they call her The "Gene" Genie now?

DCI Gene Hunt will be turning in his grave!!! :D
jack-daniels said:
Cue schoolboy type comment:

'Wonder where she'll put her truncheon'?

*sets off for detention*
I think its former home was in the luncheon box but that option, alas, is no longer an option.
This political correctness isn't even funny any more. This is a reflection on how ZANU Liebour have made it that some minority freak and its rights are more important than "real" policing and are costing the taxpayer thousands to enforce it's political correctness.

The UK really is f*ucked while gangs of feral scum roam the streets knifing & shooting the PC crowd have the police taking courses in diversity, gender and shirt lifting.
Look on the bright side, all this PC idiocy has had the benefit of getting many thousands of oddballs, deviants and religious lunatics out of the closet, come the caddish revolution they'll be easier to round up and taught the true meaning of the word "Camp!"
"gender identity dysphoria"

Apparently, is what he's got. Nothing a good kick up the arrse couldn't sort out.

42 and married, another woman waking up one day to thinking "what the holy f uck are you doing in that frock dave?"

So yet another ugly, lantern jawed misfit who likes playing dress up and bossing people about.

Oh, hold on,.... I've just described most coppers :)
browny31310 said:
Inmates, asylum, running. MAKE YOUR OWN SENTENCE
OK, I'll give it a shot:

"running asylum inmates."

It's no good - I'm going to need more words to make this work.
I'm so glad that it's taking Blunderside 5 months to roll out the issue of a new set of trousers and shirt for operational officers but this gets top priority.... 2000 bobbies, all of whom sent their sizing requirements in about 8 months ago and still they're dithering about it. How hard is that?

But one PC changes their personal circumstances and suddenly it's top of the list. I don't give a stuff about how you want to run your life provided no one gets hurt and it ain't illegal but this is loopy.

Makes me feel valued... no, really.....


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People give a toss what happens on Humberside? Wow. Cool. I never knew that.
Only 'cause they pay me and I'm still waiting for my comfy new trousers and shirt :)

The other issue just annoys me. Not because Lauren wants to be Lauren but because of the money and priority it's been given.
You couldn't make stuff like this up.

Sadly, this news doesn't surprise me in the least
I wonder what Lauren thinks about this initiative? If I was her I'd probably want less attention and to be able to get on with the rest of my life quietly...
bensonby said:
I wonder what Lauren thinks about this initiative? If I was her I'd probably want less attention and to be able to get on with the rest of my life quietly...
It probably suggested this initiative. After all, it has written a personal letter which will be force-fed to all those herded and corralled into the PC pen.

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