Saving Military Mascots

I was designated CATO (Cat Officer) in DJ Barracks in Split in a few years back. I became quite ill with Cat Scratch Fever because of the little shite. The official line is that it's not supposed to be encouraged but that never happens does it?

We adopted a chicken on our ship before-we bought it in Mumbai for 50p and smuggled it onboard and kept it down one of the machinery spaces and fed it on scraps from the galley.

Feds, You've got NOTHING on me!
The British Army have several official Regimental Mascots, to name a few;
Irish Wolfhound (Brian Boru(?)) Irish Guards.
Shetland Pony (Cruachan) Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (5SCOTS).
A Goat (FNU SNU) Royal Welch Fusiliers and the Royal Regiment of Wales (1st and 2nd Bns Royal Welsh).
An Indian Blackbuck (Bobby) Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
A Ram (Private Derby) Worcestersire and Forester Regiment (2nd Bn The Mercian Regiment).
Each of the aforementioned animals parade with their unit on ceremonial occasions.

Regiments often picked up unofficial 'mascots' on overseas tours, I recall my own Bn keeping a Sun Bear cub when on operations in Sarawak it was eventually given to the London Zoo. There were always dogs, cats, monkeys, parrots etc., in the company lines in SE Asia and S Arabia, though they were generally frowned on.
Most company bases in Northern Ireland had a resident dog.
Used to be the case for yanks, but for some reason the Pentagon has made it against the rules. If they are caught by the MPs they are euthanized. A real disgrace if I do say so.

I know there are a few monkeys kept as pets in Afghanistan.

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