Saving Bletchley Park - Please Help!

I know that there are far more well deserving causes to give to at the moment (Help for Heros, RBL, etc), I also appreciate that money is in short supply BUT......

Bletchley Park is struggling for cash and is looking for donations. I have sent an email asking if there is anything else that can be donated, such as time, skillsets and knowledge.

The biggest drive at the moment is to spread the word that the place is in trouble.

For those of you who don't know what or why Bletchley Park is important, please follow this link and have a read.

It was responsible for breaking the Nazi Emigma machine and it is the birth place of the modern computer. Bletchley Park was also responsible for the saving of many lifes.

Once I have some feedback from the site organisers, I'll update the thread.

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