Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ANNE, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Our rally day is confirmed now. It is on October 23rd 2004 at Camperdown Park Dundee from 1-4pm.

    We have Brigadier Barnett of the Black Watch opening and closing the rally and have many speakers coming along. The confirmed speakers to date are:

    Murdo Fraser, Pete Wishart, Alex Salmond, Rt Hon Menzies Campbell, Peter Duncan, Ian Luke, and Annabelle Ewing. We hope show video links and messages from Lorraine Kelly and Jim Davidson. There are still a few others to be confirmed.

    Response is brilliant and we hope to have an excellent turnout. If you have relatives in Scotland let them know we would love to see them there or even better come along yourselves if you are in the area.

    If you have any suggestions for the rally we would love to hear them.

    More info re the rally and posters etc can be seen on the website

  2. Only the briefest of mentions on the news last night. Did anyone here go? What was the turnout? What was the feeling amongst those there?

    Unity in adversity or divide and rule?
  3. I think it was Sky News which had a fair-sized item and a couple of angry interviews. ("The US Marine Corps is bigger than our whole Army and what are they doing? - playing soldiers in the desert.") (!)

    On your unity question, several different capbadges on parade. Piece included library footage of a smart group of Highland TA soldiers just back from Telic.

    Will be interesting to hear from anyone who was at Dundee.
  4. PS, report from Sunday Herald
  5. The rally was well attended and feelings ran very high. Brigadier Gary Barnett opened the event with a poignant speech. There were veterans from across the six regiments proudly marching into the main arena led by pipes and drums.A little lad whose brother is in Iraq proudly marched with the band leaving not many dry eyes!!!!
    The speakers were brilliant and in particular Alex Salmond roused the crowd and really was fantastic. There were messages from politicians, Lorraine Kelly and our very own celebrity 108 year old Alfred Anderson ex Black Watch all shown on video screen walls.
    I spoke to many families who support the campaign and believe me I shed a few tears with them.
    Yesterday showed me we are only starting to fight and no matter what anyone says we will continue.
    The coverage was brilliant from the local press, to the Sunday Papers from the broadsheets to the Sunday Mail doing a double page supplement. ITV, BBC and Sky News were all there. Radio Tay and Radio Wave did Live Coverage of the Event and Radio Scotland were there from 7am in the morning.
    We will post some pictures as we get them for you to see.
    There are programmes now coming up on Politics Now , David Dimbelby and many others.
    We also went out on the streets of Perth on Friday to raise awareness.
    Look out for coverage from the local Perthshire Papers, the PA and the Courier.I will place links when they come out on Monday and Tuesday.
    This is only the first rally of many.
    We will keep you all posted on anything new.

    Save the Scottish Regiments.
  6. should ahve asked Tim Collins to turn up, hes dead against it, i bet he would have put in an appearance
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Most of the media reckon that 'hundreds' turned up for your rally.

    Over 400,000 turned up for the last Countryside Alliance March in London, and look what good that did.

    And best don't plan a future rally in Parliament Square - Tony B doesn't like expressions of free speech quite so close to the heart of his spin machine, and so you'll probably have your 'Old and Bold' given the riot baton treatment from the Plod, followed up by a bit of verbal taunting from them just to rub it in.

    Good luck in your fight, but you are up against a Government whose rank and file members despise us and all that we stand for, and whose Ministers just want us to give them an excuse to be able to showboat on the diplomatic circuit, while at the same time seeking our demise.
  8. Not as big a turn out as we had hoped for but there was a political fight which I won't go into -enough to say I will paste a link from the Dundee Courier re the provost and labour party. It had to do with the Combined Services March on the same day as our rally. It goes into a long winded story and to be honest I have heard enough about it over the last week but sadly I think it did impact on our numbers. It has caused a lot of anger among our campaigners and supporters.

    However, no matter how big this fight is we are not going away. We will do what we have to and more. The media coverage has raised the campaign profile greatly and future rallies are planned all over Scotland and London as well and if TB doesnt like it then tough.

    I was raised to stand up for what I think is right and I am doing so and will not back down. Nor will the rest of the SAVE THE SCOTTISH REGIMENTS TEAM. I have had a full inbox of e mails from supporters and families yesterday and it has fired me to keep going.

    Rome wasnt built in a day and neither was our campaign. We will not go away and we will keep fighting and try to reduce the apathetic behaviour of some people in our country...

    I appreciate your comments and you are right it is a hard fight but hey what fights are not??

    People in the decision making need to be punished for their behaviour towards all of the military in Britain.

  9. Go for it Girl.

    By the way forget about going down to London. I reckon you will get a bigger impact by staying local. In particular threaten local Labour seats. Make it an election issue. The only thing that will seriously make them take note is the risk of losing seats or marginals.
  10. You are quite right there. We are punishing labour candidates in this area and one in particular who has done nothing because - "he wasn't asked"!!!
    Sorry not good enough. There are too many of them out there that need punished and believe me this is our next step.

    Hoping for an audience with Mr Scottish Parliament Jack McConnell. Should be very interesting if we ever get there!!!!!

    There is talk of London but that would be very far down the line and to be honest I agree with you. Our next mission will be to descend on the streets of Edinburgh. It is our capital and our Parliament is there. Although they have no decision making powers on defence issues I still think it will be a worthwhile exercise.

    The fight for us just begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Anne. Here's another suggestion.

    Post the formal MP email addresses of any Labor MPs in Scotland, highlight those in marginal seat and ask evey one to send a short polite email telling them of their intended vote at the next election if they don't get BLiar to reverse his Regiments decision.

    Get everyone to get 10 friends to do the same.