"Saved by a Saint in a Tank"

Saved by a Saint in a Tank

By Sandy Banks, Times Staff Writer

Sam Goetz long wondered about the larger-than-life soldier who liberated him from a Nazi camp. Decades later, they met again.

For 60 years it percolated in Sam Goetz's mind, rising to the level of obsession — this need to find the American soldier who had loomed so large in the most critical moment of Goetz's life.

On May 6, 1945, Goetz, then 16, was among 18,000 prisoners liberated from the Nazi concentration camp at Ebensee, Austria, by the U.S. Army's 3rd Cavalry. The squadron commander, a tall, young sergeant, climbed down from his tank and pronounced them free.

We "kissed his hands and touched his uniform, as if touching a saint," Goetz would recall years later in his memoir, "I Never Saw My Face."

"Each of us wanted to make sure the man was real … that this was neither an illusion or a dream … "

The L.A. Times is a registration site, so if anyone is interested but not ARRSEd to register then I can PM you the story text. It's a very nice writeup.
The link you set works just fine.


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