Save water !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eve1962, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. I hope the fcuker gets a world wide water bill for being such a t0sser, just when we are all trying to save the planet from destruction there is always one wonker that comes along and thinks he is doing the right thing by fcuking up the whole idea. Fcuking eco-artists what a waste of space and rations, they should all be shot.
  2. What a c0ck. He walked backwards, wearing a turkey on his head, shouting at fat people??? WTF?

    By all means shout at fat people, but why walk backwards with the Turkey?

    This is a prime example of too much choice causing society to fall apart. :x
  3. Art is subjective.
    Different people like different types of art be it Classical, modern or other wise.
    So by that understanding you could give this t0sser a bit of a kicking and call it performace art...... just a thought.
  4. Complete Cnut. Nice idea Cowboybob.

    Dont think Francis Bacon did anything like this. Now there was an artist
  5. I may be wrong but I believe this particular artist is the fellow who went around 'keying' cars in another of his 'artistic creations'
  6. Maybe we could all club together and get a ticket for him to come and visit for the kicking??
  7. Perhaps I could march up and dahn the square with my pace stick up my arrse calling everyone a cnut to demonstrate that I'm the only cnut around here.
    'Has anyone got anything better to to than march up and dahn the square'
  8. Hope someone holds his head under the tap for a year. Face up preferebly.
  9. This is just appalling. Of course publicity is what this fool wants , and us talking about it , just lends credence to his perverted interpretation of 'art'

    I think a far better idea, would be to show him just how many peoples lives could be saved , by the amount of water he is wasting. A quick one way trip to Sudan with a bowser might convince this cretin .This is just breathtakingly arrogant and stupid , and I would urge legal action be taken now.

    Failing that , maybe an Arrser could stand outside his house with a placard that said 'Every hour this fool wastes x-gallons , which could have saved x-lives'
  10. He should live in my neck of the woods, we are equiped with watermeters here.
    Not only would he pay for usage, he would also cough up for waste treatment, a double whammy.
  11. I think he should be locked in a bare room and let out only when he has drunk his 15,000,000 litres of water.

    If you were to assume that he would take on board 3 litres a day that would make him a free man in 13689 years. Sup up.

  12. WTF?