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It didn't take long.....and it might just make Tony B's sycophantic Scottish MPs crap themselves. From the Glasgow Herald;

Forces lobby take their battle to next general election

July 23 2004

A CAMPAIGN group is preparing to field candidates at the next general election against Labour MPs who refuse to defend Scottish regiments from defence cuts.
The Save the Scottish Regiments group appealed yesterday for financial and political support to reverse the Ministry of Defence's decision to axe one of Scotland's six infantry regiments.
The end result could be one Scottish regiment, made up of the single battalion of each regiment, or two – one for the Highlands and one for the Lowlands.
The SSR website – www.savethe – was launched within hours of the announcement of radical manpower and equipment reductions across the three services.
One of the Labour MPs who could be targeted is Adam Ingram, the armed forces minister, who held his East Kilbride seat with a 12,755 majority in the last election. He has been the constituency MP since 1987.
The campaign aims to tap in to the potentially powerful lobby of tens of thousands of voters comprising serving soldiers, their families and friends in the regimental recruiting areas across Scotland. There are more than 3000 regular Scottish soldiers, 4000 part-time Territorial volunteers, and several thousand regular reservists entitled to vote in their home constituencies at local and national levels.
This figure could be multiplied many times by the support of relatives and members of the public sympathetic to the cause of what is seen as preventing a Treasury-led assault on Scotland's military heritage.
It would also tap into the often-neglected postal and proxy votes of soldiers serving away from home.
The SSR's statement of intent said: "Some of our volunteers have family members in Basra, Iraq, right now. Some are ex-members of regiments, some are just rightly proud of their regiments and want to fight Geoff Hoon's decision to scrap a Scottish battalion.
"If necessary, we are prepared to field candidates at the next general election in those areas where Labour MP's have not stood up for their constituents to draw attention to their record on this matter.
"Geoff Hoon seems to have garnered the obedience of some top brass whom you might have hoped and expected to have stood up and spoken out against these cuts – all done in the name of budgets."
A three-month consultation period by the six regimental colonels will precede the announcement in October of which Scottish regiment is to be disbanded. An insider said: "This is the MoD and Army Board's way of passing the buck."
The man who will lead this search for consensus affirmed yesterday that the fate of individual Scottish regiments would be decided in Scotland.
Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin, Adjutant General of the British Army, colonel commandant of the Scottish Division, and Colonel of the Black Watch, said it would be a joint decision after consultation rather than – as in the past – a case of each regiment fighting its own corner. He added: "It is not a given that there will only be one regiment. One runner is for there to be two, one for the Lowlands and one for the Highlands."
Talk of the RAF bases at Kinloss and Lossiemouth in Moray being reduced to one were premature, said Group Captain Garfield Porter, station commander at Kinloss. The 5500 personnel at the two bases must wait until April to discover their long term future.
The apathy debilitating the Britian as a whole, is the thing to overcome. If this, and I think it may, hits the right spot. the scots will come out in support.

Personally as a Jock, I don't want to see this arrse of a plan coming to fruition.

Vive le revoloution :twisted:
What is the real issue here? I will write, campaign and complain but I'm not sure what the main problem is. I object to the cuts but their story sounds credible.

I too have Jock inclinations, we have two glengarries in our house, one from WW1 - Royal Scots and the other from a few years ago - A&SH.

I have posted 'I can complain to my MP'

the issue is that we, the Military in all its context, are overstretched. I am looking at my third tour of Iraq for ficks sake.

The government, in its infinite wisdom, wants to cut more boots on the ground, when we are busier than ever. Then they want to invest in hardware which ain't even on the shelf and leave a big capability gap in the meantime. Then to top it all, they want to bin the regimental system of the Infantry, which is viewed by many (US included)as an exemplary means of incorporating a fighting belief in the troops under your command.

There are the issues matey, they are there in your face. You sound like:
a) A Journalist wanting some sensationalist scoop on our thoughts
b) A left wing idiot, wanting to bin any Armed forces we have.
c) Some idiot here to wind us up

Don't wander in here waffling about" tax payer wanting to know what the fuss is all about" shiit.

This ain't the place to do it, and we ain't the people to take the crap nicely :evil:


dui-lai said:

I am looking at my third tour of Iraq for ficks sake.

You lucky, lucky b'stard, I want to go (prefer Afghanistan, done the Iraq thing and Balkans) and they wont let me go.
FWIW, this Campaign already has International attention
In case you are serious, a few other points that may be of note.

Upgrading capability via shiny new toys is all well and good but that TCH ignores is that the opposition are doing the same. All we do is maintain the size of the gap, not pull ahead enough to make do with fewer people. For instance, any bunch of scrotes can go down Radio Shack or equivalent - or just get some pay-as-you go mobiles in more urban areas - and have comms that the WW2 infantry could only dream of. Now, PRR is better but not so much better that you don't need people to pull the trigger anymore.

We rarely buy enough toys to equip everyone who needs them - just look at ammo, body armour, NBC kit etc in the Gulf.

We are retiring kit at least a decade before the replacement will be delivered. And having worked in the defence industry my entire career I think that's optimistic.


From the BBC website:

Of particular interest may be the following quote taken from that piece:

Labour chairman of the defence committee, Bruce George, asked: "Please explain who the idiot was who thinks you can cut the infantry at a time when the pressure on them is enormous?

"Has he (Mr Hoon) consulted Gerry Adams or maybe the Fire Brigades Union whether they are going to behave themselves over the next few years?"


:twisted: Under Paid!
Under Funded!
Under the Cosh!
Under New Labour!
I am the campaign organiser for SAVE THE SCOTTISH REGIMENTS

:: ::

I urge anyone whose own unit whether it be Army, Navy, RAF (Scottish or English) to get organised in your area.

We cannot let Hoon, Brown and Blair get away with cutting 20,000 service personnel without the biggest fight they have ever seen.

You don't have to be experienced to get started just a lot of energy and the will to make a difference.

Our organisation can (free of charge) create your website and help you on your way, but it must have committed individuals.

If you care about what is happening then please do something - don't rely on others to do if because it will not happen that way.

Get organised and show this government that they have picked on the wrong sector of British life for a fight - let's give them a bloody nose!!


Your link doesn't work jeff ! :roll:


Am I a cynic believing all this help is being given on behalf of the SNP? The same party that wants to distance itself from the Union, complains that the UK government doesn't give bonnie scotland more from the taxes wrested from mainly english employed?


So you pay more in taxes than what the government gets from the (Scottish) North Sea oil and gas? You seem to think we get more than our fair share of the tax collected in the UK. We have enough problems without w*nkers like you coming on here trying to create Scotland/England argument. Now feck off back to your slimepit.
Nothing could be further from the truth . The campaign is 100% neutral and open to support from all political parties in Scotland. We will not allow the campaigns aims to be hijacked by an party or individual to further their own political aims or gain(s).


Campaign Organiser
Save The Scottish Regiments

Big Kahoona

I'll get my family back home to put their tuppence worth in. I have an aunt who is an MSP (Sandra White). I'll ask my old man to have a word and see if she can kick up a fuss. She's SNP though..... :roll:

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