Save the Royal Navy

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by IronDuke99, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Save the Royal Navy

    Campaigning to reverse the decline in the Royal Navy

    Save the Royal Navy
  2. Car stickers needed!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm sure I could find an even worse sad sack soldier pic, mate.
  5. You would struggle though.
  6. You might be surprised.
  7. That actualy did make me laugh out loud.
  8. Yep pretty fcuking sad, to be honest.
  9. While I find that pic funny I think it is a crying ******* shame what has happened/is about to happen to the RN.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    And if they don't raise their game campaigning-wise and in the copy writing stakes, it may get worse. The Bufton Tufton leader on the Homepage is the worse sort of platitudinous effluent and isn't going to persuade anyone of anything.

    For example, in the event that the RM were taken in by the Army, and I'm not arguing for it, I'm sure that both organisations are professional enough to make it work - to suggest otherwise is simply crass. The Navy needs to understand the political environment it's working in and argue accordingly. No-one is going to buy into unsubstantiated waffle and the splenetic splutterings of the old and bold - the campaign for the Scottish Regiments should have taught them that much. They need to make a very reasoned and demonstrable case and they need to understand that, every time they go over the top, they haemorrhage credibility. Vague utterances about 'power projection' and all the rest of it simply do not convince. The case needs to be forensic and robust and not the assertion-based and over-emotional ejaculation that it currently is. It is not sufficient to say 'we must be a first class Navy', they need to explain why and the case must be bulletproof. Whilst it is fun to prick the pomposity of certain Dark Blue posters on Arrse, I have no wish to watch a valuable defence asset get trashed by an unholy combination of political expedience and short-sightedness on the one hand and professional vainglory on the other. I wish the Navy well but, as a sometime professional political campaigner, I seriously question whether they realise how brutal an environment they are in and how realistic, unsentimental and remorselessly factual they will have to be to prevail.
  11. I wasn't aware that the results of the SDSR were going to be decided on a popularity poll based on the output of journalists.
  12. Royal Navy Broadsheet: A Year in Focus.
    Very interesting read

    RNB Book.indb

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The decisions will be made by politicians who answer to an electorate with generally very little specialist knowledge and which largely forms its view on anything from the papers and TV, so you're closer to the truth with that comment than perhaps you meant to be.