Save the Regiments Campaign..The Glorious Glosters

When the BBC election bus rolls into Gloucester on 26th April,they will be interviewing a member of the Glorious Glosters Association.He is an ex serviceman with many years of experience and true loyalty to his regiment.If there were more folk like Maurice Dixter there would be no talk of cuts.
Get friends to support the save the regiments campaign in your areas.
Ask everyone you can,to contact their friends to vote tactically, to put in the second candidate in your constituency; and defeat the government on this and other issues.
army_of_1 said:
Isn't this flogging horse, dead?
It may be mate. If you think so then ignore it. For the rest of us misguided souls who think that there might be a glimmer of hope in a world gone mad then we will continue to pursue all avenues no matter how hopless (or even pointless) they might appear to you. Sooner or later it will be over in which case you can proudly state, "I told you so."

Good on ya roman. Do your best mate.
Lance_Comical said:
Don't give up the fight, thats what I say. It's not over until the fat lady sings

Good luck
I'll second that, with bells on.
:( I'm interested to know if army of 1, is in the "upper levels" shall we say?

It seems to be that level which doesn't want to lose face or something else.

Well lads the Generals are now saying words like,
"under resourced", changes regretable,"" could have been worse,"
"painful choices"
You recognise the pattern?
Who was pulling their strings lads?

Here's a little verse of mine

"I have made up my mind says G.Brown
For I've got to drive overheads down.
For needs must,
And his needs
Rule the day!"

Remember you can blame the politicians General :D
roman said:
:( I'm interested to know if army of 1, is in the "upper levels" shall we say?
No. Only in my head. I for one would love to see the regiment saved. Most of my instructors in basic were RGBW. Having said that, I'm also excited at the prospect of having so many top blokes added to the LI family. If/when the change happens, there won't be an 'I told you so' from me.
Forgive me, but how can you save something that has already gone?

The Glooms were rolled up into the M4 Regiment some time ago, as any fule kno.
Thank you army of 1.I sincerely hope, that after the election you will be cheering.I have spoken recently to the LAST colonel of the Cameronians,who pleaded with young soldiers to save the rest of the regiments.He had a bravery medal from ww2 on his chest; and concern for the armies future in his heart.
I was also humbled, to speak to guys just returned from Iraq, whose best pals were killed and injured.One said,"They promised us no cuts,pinned gallantry medals on us,then betrayed the lads that haven't come back.If we let them away with this, how do we look their relatives in the eye?"
Queensman,the fight is not over.If you get to speak to the guys involved, it might teach you a thing or two about regimental loyalty.Please try to consider using your vote to stop the cuts.

Before I sign off,this is a quote from Siegfried Sassoon's poem for the mothers of the lads who fell-

"Jack fell as he'd have wished," the Mother said,
And folded up the letter that she'd read.
The Colonel writes so nicely."Something broke
In the tired voice that quavered to a choke.
She half looked up."We mothers are so proud
Of our dead soldiers."Then her face was bowed.

We owe it to vote to save the regiments of our brothers in arms, IN THEIR MEMORY and for their families.
Yes, it's a shame about the "Glorious Glosters" but that can be said for all of the old County Regiments. It's a sad fact but we have to get on with it.

As a nipper I wanted to follow my Grandfather into the Middlesex Regiment. In my teens I found out it had been amalgamated and for all intents and purposes "dissapeared". How soon the dreams of the young are found to be the lies of the grown ups.

if I had sulked about it I would never have served. My cap badge will dissapear within my lifetime. I will mourn it, remember it, and tell my Grandchildren of it's honour and glory. They in turn will put me in a home!


Kit Reviewer
For the last 11 years the 'GLOSTERS' have been acting as if the 1994 amalgamation never happened. This one-sided obsession with their county at the expense of Berkshire and Wiltshire is insulting to the other side of the family. I wonder which ex-GLOSTERS General(s) were behind the initial bone plan to divorce the DERR and re-marry with the D&D to become LI (as long as we keep the Back badge!)?
roman said:
Queensman,the fight is not over.If you get to speak to the guys involved, it might teach you a thing or two about regimental loyalty.
Phew! Don't talk to me about regimental loyalty - I left the Army because my regiment was being jabbed up the arrse by a bunch of mealy mouthed politicos in conjunction with the traitorous Field Marshall Lord Inge.

'We' had been promised after the 1960s amalgamations that, having formed a Large Regiment with the minimum of fuss that it would never happen again!

The Glosters were amalgamated out of existance 10 plus years ago - live with it. I ask again my original question: How can something that has already gone, be saved? Your campaign, however well intentioned, does the regiments who probably, at the time, dreaded the idea of being lumped together with the Glooms, of all people, a huge disservice. Like them, face facts and get on with it.

I speak as one who was involved - I got short toured out of the battalion by a CO who, as a career move, was singing the praises of the merger to the detriment of his battalion and regiment. He, and bear in mind at this stage, I was his adjutant, could not get me to shut up or get off my hobby horse about saving our regiment. My scrap book is packed with letters, press clippings etc from that period.

Looking back - it has all turned out rather well. The PWRR are now on the map as a bloody good regiment, look no further than the recent hatfull of gongs from Telic. Fcuk me, I'd never thought I'd ever admit to being proud of the new outfit, but I am. It is the men that matter - not what they've got on their head! You would better serve them by being positive and making a go of the new organisation.

If you feel really strongly about, may I suggest you do the honourable thing and leave, and let those who, whether you like it or not, will stay behind and soldier on.

Strong stuff indeed Queensman but I don't believe signing off because you disagree with your point of view would be good for the Army. Alternative opinions is what makes us different from most other Armies in the world.

I agree with you that the competitive issue of regimental rivalry is silly and to me it is in fact an unhelpful distraction from the fact that the case for reducing the Infantry is faulty in the first instance.

I am also willing to place a bet of one of CUB's fine bottles of Victoria Bitter on the fact that we will be revisiting this situation again within 5 years.

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