Save the Kings regiment march , Liverpool

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. I know the BW and STSR campaigns are supporting this. Good to see an English Regiment (well I guess the Liverpool Scottish are a part) being pro-active.

    It should be well attended
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    ...and after the march, they'll make use of the large numbers to 'steam' the local shopping centre! Watch out for a surplus of DVD players being offloaded on ebay. :wink:
  3. What exactly is the Kingo regimental march? The theme from Brookside? Ferry across the Mersey? :lol:
  4. You'll Never Walk Alone?
  5. sorry Kingos , THE LAST POST :cry: ...................NOT(fight on LAR,s) :wink:
  6. Save your shoe leather! Stay at home - a lost cause. Without kilts and bagpipes you don't stand a chance, not that the Sweaty Socks will fare any better!

    If you're really opposed to it: LEAVE.
  7. LOL

    I've no problem with those 'helpful comments', and from semper's point of view it all helps to draw attention to the march on Saturday.

    I have no involvement whatsoever with any of the Scottish campaigns, but while 'researching' some of their sites for other reasons I did notice they have people going down to Liverpool, as RCSignals mentioned. A nice bit of cross-border and inter-regimental cooperation, in fact. And good to see the Liverpool Jocks (Kings Regt TA) also mentioned by RCSignals.

    I do think this site is a very appropriate forum for members to publicise events like this which will be of interest to some, if not to others.
  8. There is also a planned rally in London, for 9 April

  9. I don't agree. It's over when it's over. Don't forget, 12 weeks ago we were a lost cause.

    Mind you, I don't think they appreciated how much political fire support we could call in in a hurry.

    Keep fighting Kingo's.
  10. The Liverpool Scottish don't have kilts and bagpipes anymore?

    Are you TCH?
  11. Are you TCH?[/quote]

    No, RCSigs, I'm not TCH. But when my Regiment got f*cked up the arrse the last time round, I left. It's called 'principle'. Probably something that's not much in evidence in todays Bliarite Army.

    We fought a fight for both our survival and the truth via our outstanding Colonel of the Regiment with the Chief of the Defence Staff, one Field Marshall Lord Inge and his collection of other little single battalion lickspittles on the Army Board, who all behaved in the most atrocious manner. I'd made my feelings known then, and felt that I could no longer belong to an organisation that was led by such a corrupt self-serving and spiteful cnut.
  12. Now that, Queensman, is one hell of a post!
  13. But is sitting on the fence really the answer?
  14. Keep fighting Kingos?? When have the Kingos needed to be asked to keep fighting? Stop fighting I (Barry?) grant you...

    If you are planning on attending the march, do make sure your car is securely locked...perhaps Liverpool ACF could provide small boys to mind supporters cars for them?

    All joshing apart, good luck to you in your fight. However I fear that Gordon, BLiar and Buff are as intransigant on this one as they are on every other error of judgement they have ever made. They put the "o" not only in opportunist but also in obstinate!!