Save the FAT BAST*RDs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by what_no_leave?, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. I know more than a few people who could do with one, especially our very own Private Pile who can do a wicked impression of the head back, eye rolling, about to die thing whilst failing his ultra short (4M) p1ss take of a CFT! :oops:

    It's simple, eat less pies and run your fat arse around the block a few times.
  2. The pharmaceutical industry must be rubbing its grubby hands in anticipation. A billion customers at (however much) a pop. Of course, there'll also be at least another billion who'll see this as the ideal diet and get a jab too.

    The simple formula is: if you eat too much, you get fat! So the just as simple solution is: don't eat so fückin' much, you greedy gits! But people want to be able to gorge themselves and still stay slim. I doubt very much whether this inoculation will have any effect in the majority of cases. Still, better than nothing, I suppose.

  3. I know who you’re talking about :D

    He’s our very own Rick Waller :twisted:
  4. Makes me want to punch people when I see fat Mummy with 2 fat kids, stuffing their faces with burgers, chips, pasties, crisps and sweets whilst waiting for the bus, whilst on the bus, in fact everywhere!!
  5. Hurrah!!!!

    I can just imagine all of the Fat Fcuks queuing up at the Doc's and at the hospital fat clinics. "Oh I can't stop eating - it's psychological you know!" "I'm so fat that I'm classified as disabled" "I'm so fat the NHS has to pay for a nurse to come to my house and scrub me down with a broom".

    Of course, the pharmaceutical companies will patent the magic fat bullet and the NHS will have to pay a premium to be able to inject all those 'Victims of Obesity'. If you are denied the jab I'm sure you can claim Legal Aid and have Mrs Bliar represent you in court so that you can claim your 'rights' to the anti-fat jab.

    Hurrah for progress!!!!

    Money spent on fat jabs = less money for hip operations, wards, beds, doctors , nurses.

    What a brave new world.....
    I'm so glad I live in this wonderful country where i can contribute to this 'miracle cure' by paying my taxes (and NI and Community Charge)
  6. I am glad you all agree. there is nothing worse than seeing a poor little sod of a fat girl being led around by a beached whale who can't play with the other kids in an attempt to burn off her premature gunt.
  7. I really can’t stand fat people.
    It’s a self inflicted disability due to the porkers being too lazy to exercise and too greedy to stop shovelling crap in their mouths.
    They’re horrible to look at, they whinge after taking just a few steps, and they smell because they can’t wash under their flabby fold properly.

    Anyone who looks even remotely like this should be ashamed.

  8. It can go too far, my ex asked me to stop giving my daughter too much to eat because she was developing cellulite (daughter that is). My daughter's 8 years old with not an inch of fat on her. I guess the ex is worried she might get it like her. :D I'll get her an injection for her birthday; strychnine :evil:
  9. We will just end up with bone idle thin people who keep McDees in business.

    Eat less, move more
  10. Of course with all this hot weather we have been having they think it is fair game to wear less clothing. All this does is expose even more their corn beef complexion. It is sickening. Get on the stepper you fat sh*t.