Save the elderly, pick the 1% who will die here!

If it meant someone who did not deserve it were spared I would go in their place.

As long as it were relatively quick and painless.

I gave up being scared of dying ages ago.

What concerns me now is the manner of my departing, do something decent or expire a gibbering dribbling wreck (see @baglock for details) and a burden to all and sundry?

Size 10, and loads to choose from. For some reason the Army, quite late on in my service, decided I should have more footwear than Emelda Marcos.

You still got that ERF?

Just asking........
Corbyn, Abbot, Prescott, Blair and his rancid wife, social media ‘celebs’, all kardashians, Dyer, Jane Fonda, Woody Allen, drug addicts and drug dealers, nonces, everyone here illegally or here but not working


Given that all politicians of whatever party say they're in it to improve the lot of their fellow citizens, never because it's indoor work with no heavy lifting, plus the chance to tell everybody else what to do. I propose this:

Any politico over the retirement age of their country. If that doesn't fill the quota lowering the cut off age until the target is met.

As I'm not a politico I commend this to the house.

Gives them a chance to prove that actions speak louder than words.
Anyone that starts a covid thread that numbers over 40.
Instagram 'influencers', reality TV 'stars', metrosexuals (I realise there is a fair overlap between these three groups, so should keep overall numbers within the 1%), Jeremy Kyle, Chris Evans and Piers Morgan.

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