Save the Children pull out of Iraq

After 15 years, Save the Children are pulling out of Iraq due to concerns about the safety of its workers clicky. Seems to undermine the idea that the security situation is stabilising enough to consider pulling some military personnel out. If even tenacious NGOs are leaving, does this suggest that the country is beyond help?
Tenacious NGOs are leaving because of the duty of care they owe to their staff; perhaps influenced by insurance costs. I believe that Save the Children are to operate from their Cairo office using third party agencies, hence delivering a service from a distance. It says little for the current security situation in Iraq
mukhabarat2003 said:
Any chance of Pudsey and the BBC's never ending 'Wánkothon' being sent to Iraq so we don't have to suffer it?
Given the reported overstreach, that's probably being considered...

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