Save The 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment..Green Howards Petition.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by KEITHANN, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. The 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, also known as the Green Howards, is set to be axed under government plans to reduce the regular army by 20,000 regular troops. The Green Howards date back to 1688 and veterans have served in numerous conflicts including both World Wars, the Gulf War, Bosnia and Afghanistan. The Yorkshire Regiment is one of five historic battalions being lost; devastating for Teesside forces from which it is traditionally drawn.
    We must ensure the dedication and bravery of our troops is recognised and that means ensuring that there is a job available for them.
    Please show your support for The Green Howards and ask the government to reconsider its decision over the future of the Green Howards by signing this petition.

    Do not disband 2nd Battalion,The Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)

    Most Appreciated.
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  2. I can't be arrsed. Bring back the Green Jackets instead.
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  3. I don't personnaly know anyone in the 2nd Bn The Yorkshire Regiment, therefore I don't care if they are disbanded or not.
  4. So who do you suggest goes instead?
  5. The Coldstream Guards or the one of the poridgewog battalions or any welsh mob or the RAF
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    1st battalion the Westminsters and 2 divisions of the Abbey woods office army.

    Damn good battalion 1 GH, both now and historically, unlike 1 pwo who failed to get a proper identity and were never a 'family' battalion.
  7. Regiments that struggle to get recruits into their ranks.
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  8. I'd have to agree with you about the PW 'NO' - no one works harder than this bastard Bn. etc etc etc. God they were difficult when I had to interface with them.

    My point, though, is that saving the GH (who arguably should have gone earlier, and would without some (very) senior sponsorship) will just mean the axe falls on another bunch who will then start another petition etc etc ad nauseam.

    Don't focus on the axe, focus on the wielder.
  9. So lose a world-famous dual role Light Infantry/ Cermonial Regiment to save one single role Light Inf Battalion?
  10. The lads will get moved to other Bns as neccesary.

    Sad to see the Green Howards go, one of the last few 'pedigree' units (bar the Guards) up until the last round of mergers and now the first on the block.

    But Bns have to go... and the Green Howards will go, just like 2RRF.

    How 'ard?
  11. thats right no one likes the coldstream guards :-D
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  12. I hear on the 'vine' that there has been some significant and serious questions raised within the Reglt circles as to how a generally fully manned Bn like the 2nd Bn can be sacrificed when the P Dubs have (apparently) 'cooked' the manning figures and are woefully undermanned.
    Seems like a plausible reason to ask for a review...
  13. It'll happen however many people put their names on the list. I'm not, despite serving 25 years with the Regiment, as I'm not that blind. Besides, and this is sour grapes, they didn't give a **** about a select few of us Warrant Officers when we left so why the **** should we care about what happens now. They were simply our employers.

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  14. If you ask 2RRF nicely they may have an op order for a march on Westminster that you can use.