Save Shambo!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pox_Dr, May 9, 2007.

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  1. The Hindu council of the GB has stated that it will coach Hindus in to form a human chain around this TB ridden cow to prevent Vets from putting it down.

    Stating their religious rights over UK law.

    Cow Link

    Human Chain
  2. I thought this thread was about the lovely Cherie
  3. all of the Hindus? If so, is it all of the ones in the world or just the UK? Could really do with specifics just so we know how many Hindu's aare kicking off.
  4. Easy solution, leave the cow alone and kill all the Hindus. Once all the Hindus are gone kill the cow and feed it to the muslims.
  5. I sympathise with the Hindus, but as bovine TB is infectious and can affect humans as well as cattle that's the end of the story. They should all be able to remember FMD and the effects of allowing a disease to become endemic.

    Bit of a quandary this....I say spare the poor beast!

    Save Shambo!
  7. Is that Sean connery speak for a black person?????
  8. For fcuk's sake, religious nuts just need to get a grip on reality.

    TB Cow + Cows + People = TB outbreak.

    Oh no, sorry, I'm a hardline Catholic that's gotten AIDS via a blood transfusion. But I want a wife and kids, but I can't use a condom, so my wife and kids are going to have to have AIDS. Sorry, but it's against my religion to use condoms.
  9. **** EM - they will be the first to die then just torch the place once they are dead... infact just torch the place anyway...if they dont like it they can go back to their 3rd world poverty stricken shit holes
  10. This community in Wales - for people of all faiths and none, incidentally - is one I know a bit about, as a family member is a former senior community member.

    The quiet, devoted people who compose it are very well-liked and highly respected locally; and their views on this proposed precautionary cull shouldn't be dismissed outright.

    To avoid harming genuinely-held religious scruples and sensibilities, I'd say this was one for the govt's veterinary experts. If they are satisfiend that the TB-positive beast can be kept in isolation for the remainder of its days, and then its carcase disposed of hygienically, there should be no problems.

    The location is in the heart of an agricultural area; and the vets - guided by local and community sentiment - should make the judgement on epidemiological/infectivity grounds. If the animal is suffering, or is likely to suffer, there is no reason why this community can't be persuaded that euthanasia is merely a humane way of hastening the inevitable.

    Aside from the ethical question, it remains to be seen how an animal in this isolated community became infected with TB. I'd place a very sizeable bet on badgers, of which we have far, far too many . . . . . .
  11. Let them keep the infected animal in one of their Temples then they an pray for it all day long
  12. Lets kill a few foxes whilst we are at it shall we - your last paragraph was bollo* infact the bit about religion is absoloutly bollo* we live in a society that the majority have no interest in a story embellished by time despite what religion you follow as its all shite
  13. Oh I forgot to mention do Hindu's as a matter of course all qualify as vets during their lives......didnt think so...religion sticking its unwanted nose in something it has no idea what its talking I have reached 200 posts I am off to watch Apprentice when it comes on
  14. Given the massive overkill (pun entirely intended) over FMD, I'd guess not too many farmers would trust the Men From the Ministry to know a sick animal when they got sneezed on. If this decision is going to be down to DEFRA, I'd look for a re-enactment of the Great Mutiny in South Wales. :D
  15. Put posin in its food and claim natural causes XD