Save Our TA - Write to your MP

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by michaelbutlin, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Government wants to cut TA down to 9,000!
    They say it's to save money!
    A TA soldier is cheaper than a Regular!
    A TA soldier is only paid when active, no holiday pay, no pension, no accommodation costs, no travel costs.
    A TA soldier is usually better educated than a Regular
    A TA soldier has to meet the same fitness standards
    A TA soldier is more diverse they are recruited locally.
    The TA has served this country for over 100 years
    It has and can form the basis of any fast expansion should the need arrive.
    To my Regular Friends - Who think I don't care about them - I do but:
    We're fighting a rear guard action now and sorry to say there has been lots of talk over the years about One Army
    but little fact on the ground!
  2. Oh really?
  3. How to alienate us in the TA and further widen the issues between regs and TA...way to go OP....
    And you're spaming here in response to the most spammy app on the planet - shitbook....

    Nice one

    Edit: Actually, this could be a good thing...we could cull all of those useless feckers that are on the books but don't bother turning up at all...and those that can't pass the basic fitness tests etc....
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sadly, the entire Armed Forces are going to be hit by the SDSR, as that nice Mr Brown not only spent all the money, he borrowed a load more at hideous rats of interest, and spent that too. We (the government/the UK) now have to pay it back, and the MOD has to take its share of those cuts. the Army takes their share of those cuts, and the TA takes its share of those cuts. it's entirely logical. Sad, but logical...

    The TA will do itself no favours by complaining on Facebook, I'm sure.
  5. And just after all the "don't spam you're in the forces all over the social media sites" posters appeared too. Ah, well.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    How about keeping the powder dry until we actually have some facts?
  7. Facebook to the rescue, whatever did we do without it. I'm glad i'm not a teenager these days as they seem to think posting on social networking sites can cure world poverty and cuts in spending.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was in the TA once.
  9. I can just see George Osborne and David Cameron going 'wait a minute, this poorly constructed, emotive and subjective facebook page has won me over - cancel the cuts at once'...
  10. Hee Hee Hee, Ho Ho Ho, Titter, Titter, no stop, no you're killing me ^_^^_^^_^
  11. The TA were my heroes when I was a kid. I think this was because it was unusual to see a soldier on the street in my homwtown so open day at the TA was something to look forward to. Remember when Korea ended and the Loyals came home, got to handle a Lee Enfield 303, sten gun and a 25 pounder. My mate tried to put the shell too far up the spout and the breech block jumped up and caught his hand. Always remember our coalman was a TA corporal and even in civvies used to march everywhere, shoulders back, chest out. I think that had quite a lot to do with my military service, though I chose Navy.
  12. Believe it or not, thats whats SUPPOSED to happen. Every single MATT is to be covered and does get covered.
    New recruits from around 2006 onwards tend to be in good order, as they are strict on fitness, but it seems to be the old "drinking club" era of the TA still laying about that cause the problems. Not all of them however, it would be a good suggestion to save money, by givin two attempts at the PFT (instead of current PFA) and two at CFT within six months , and if both arent passed, its gotta be goodbye right??
    This is just opinion but there are some very good young (and old) lads in the ta, and it isnt fair that the people who dont put the effort into fitness and standards drag them out of a job they love.

    And yes I'll have to agree, cascading a rumour mill product before SDSR is actually out, isn't going to help anyone.
  13. Great post Gravdigger you old Matelot, it made me smile. (Which doesn't happen often) I can imagine the blackened coal man on the heel, neck in the back of the collar marching back to his coal wagon for another sack.

    Most realistic post on this thread so far. ^_~

    Talking of the sack.............
  14. And looking around some units, some are still serving......
  15. I rate the TA - the IR's I've worked with have all been strong soldiers and top blokes - but your post seems to suggest that the TA are superior to the regular army. That isn't, and will never be, the case - nor was it ever designed to be.

    Historically, the TA has been a brilliant way to quickly expand the Army at a time of crisis. Currently, I'm not entirely sure what the value is. How many infantry battalions could be created with the money currently used to fund the TA?