Save Blandford Camp sign the pertition at attached link

Although the School will be moving come what may, and no petition would change that, the camp will not close.

Mind you, all those civvies down town who have whined about the squaddies ruining their delightful and interesting Georgian town, they might be changing their tune when the hole in the local economy appears. My friend appears to have sold the Kings at just about the right time...
Why would you want to save Blandford? As a training location it's piss poor, the transport infrastructure is terrible and the only people who benefit are the rich people who live in the local area. The travel and subsistence costs are astronomical for the MoD and the accommodation there for course personnel is disgusting. At least with a new PPP system at St Athan they can start with blank canvas and hopefully do as good a job as they've done with the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. And you can't even get a mobile phone signal in Blandford unless you're on expensive Vodafone.

So, again, why would you want to save Blandford?
ps.I will not reply to any other posts on this topic...if you want to sign, sign.It is not a debate.
if not go and talk about it in a mirror somewhere.
newlynpirate said:
ps.I will not reply to any other posts on this topic...if you want to sign, sign.It is not a debate.
if not go and talk about it in a mirror somewhere.
Just because some one has a different view to you?

PS Where was the option 'Turn Blanford Into Glass'?
Agreed about the phone signal, but if you go up to the MT you will get a signal no problem.

And yes it does have p!ss poor accomodation for course attendees.
The correct comment is: 'The grass is always greener on the other side'. Mind you, it could be a dog turd covered, gypsy infested wastland and I'd leave Blandford in a second to go there. I've not fücking finished here by a long fücking way.
Right own up - which one of you has signed the petition as 'Buck Rogers'? :D

I have no sympathy for the locals. It is the same story everywhere; the locals complain about the army, give us nothing in return and then get apoplectic when the think that they might lose money and jobs!

I have no reason to believe that St Athans will treat us any better, but at least we might get half-decent transport links!

And Blandford can get its gene pool purified again...
Who gives a flying fcuk if Blandford closes or not. It is not the home of the Signals, we lost that years ago, the locals hate squaddies, its in the middle of Doorset and miles from anywhere decent, takes ages to get to as the transport links are crap. The Sgts Mess is absolutely dreadfull and as the Corps Mess should be pulled down, including that horrible carpet.

Whilst the next location may not be better I can not see it getting any worse.......can you?
Doesn't Buck Rogers work at Blandford MT

I agree with the turn it glass option. I remember the nightmare of getting any kind of transport out of there as class 3 trainee and the drive to the M4 on my class 3 was an absolute pleasure especcially if i got stuck behind a caravan or lorry anywhere between blandford and warminster.

The town generally makes squaddies feel as welcome as turds in swimming pools and the ones petitioning are the civil servants who work there, at least 90% of them are cnuts.

So lets get the school out of that back water shite hole and somewhere with something close to an infrastructure.

and general slagging of dorset in general aside the camp is now to small for the role it's required to fill so tough titties, we're off thank christ.

ps no i won't get off the fence
newlynpirate said:
ps.I will not reply to any other posts on this topic...if you want to sign, sign.It is not a debate.
if not go and talk about it in a mirror somewhere.
You put the link up conker b0llocks, dont get arsey because people have an opponion on the subject.

As has been the general theme of the comments so far, and shared by me personally, everybody hates the gaff. The town exploits the camp for its local economy whilst giving nothing back. Its hell to get to from anywhere - especially a mainline train station, the facilities on camp are dire as are the messes.

Has anyone ever owned up to being the muppet who decided to put a training establishment in Blandford? What the hell were they thinking at the time.

I know the camp will stay, and some other poor unfortunate will get lumbered with it, but wouldnt it be good as a Corps just to kick the sh1t hole into touch.
Petition is a little bit late now - the announcement is due later this month and to be honest I think its for the best.

Personally I would prefer St Athan but I have a slight bias.
Redshaggydog said:
The Sgts Mess is absolutely dreadfull
I must have poor standards, I thought it was upmarket. The AMS mess @ Keogh is far far worse, RAF Innsworth soulless, etc

But please get out of Blandford, why not Vimy, the buildings already have Jimmeys on them :twisted:
So after building the most expensive armoury in history at Catterick, they are again upping sticks and moving..... Good B/ford is the pits. I hope they have better luck in the next location, better still move it back up to Catterick, the locals loved the Scalies...... Yes they did, after they moved and there local economy went down the crapper, as the Inf guys were too busy living in ditches to go out on the urine.....

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