Sausages - Any Good Ones ?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Dicey, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. My local butcher retired and closed the shop a couple of months ago. He used to make the best sausages I've tasted.

    I've tried the usual crap available in Supermarkets (vile) even the supposedly 'high-end' ones are shite. I've even tried the 'Best Sausage' and 'Gold Medal Winner' sausages offered by on-line butchers but was not impressed.

    Not looking for Zebra, Wild Boar etc., just some good old-fashioned, nice tasting, good quality pork sausages.

    Anyone know where I can get some ?
  2. Best I ever had came from a butcher in St Osyth Essex. Queen mother used to eat them so they must have been good.
    That tells you how long it is since I had them though.
  3. The tastiest ones I've had recently were gluten free ones. Tried them at a BBQ so where they came from I couldn't say. They were much better than the usual offerings of sawdust, meat and gristle in a skin. (that's prob what they were, being gluten free)
  4. I am going to be frightfully common here and say that the nicest I have tried of late and this includes some of the posh ones from farm shops and the farmers market in town once a month have to be the "Extra Special" course cut pork sausages in chavvy Asda.

    Good firm bite, plenty of taste.
  5. I'm always disappointed with sausages which purport to be 'luxury', 'gourmet', or whatnot. Terms which in any case are surely oxymoronic when applied to humble sausages. Call me a peasant but I like Walls, although it has to be said, I don't eat the things more than half a dozen times a year.
  6. Morrison's Thick Irish Sausages...the best.

    Also try Scottish square sausage on Scottish bread or rolls, with some ketchup. A great breakfast, lunch or supper.
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  7. Germany
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  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Curtis' Lincolnshire Sausage is probably one of the best mass produced Lincs sausage. Alternatively try for some traditional Dublin sausage, or as a previous poster has said, go German.
  9. Do you know, I'm quite happy to put my hand up to being a yob, but I've tried hand-knitted Stilton and Durian Fruit sausages etc., but you really will go a long way to beat a plain old Wall's banger. Look at the fat content. Far less than the majority of the poncey expensive ones and more tasty. Let's face it, they are all made with ear 'oles, lips, ********* and bread.

    I have to say that I do agree with the recommendation for Scottish square 'Lorne' sausage. If only they could get rid of the odd shards of bone/gristle.
  10. You have to shop around. If you happen to get to Yorkshire H. Hoffman in Wakefield are excellent.
    Robroyd make excellent garlic and black pepper sausage. Their Welsh dragon sausage are also fantastic.
  11. Living in the land of Wurst, I have to say the best breakfast sausages I've had were from the Marks and Sparks in Strassburg on Kleber Platz. I don't think it is there anymore though. The mini Thuringerbratwurst from Edeka aren't too bad with eggs though.
  12. My boyfriends Grandad was a lorry driver, dropped something at the Walls factory and never ate their sausage again.
    The wafer thin ham you get at supermarkets we've a meat plant locally, the patients I've got that work there won't eat it. If the meat stinks, they just add extra chemicals to the meat that apparently is grey before the additives.
  13. Be fair, if you paid attention to all the horror stories you'd starve. Processed food is shit, that's why it's cheap. An awful lot of 'gourmet' alternatives are shit. But they're not cheap.

    A sausage is a way of using up shit when the prime cuts have gone elsewhere. Same with pies.