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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SausageDog, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Wassup homies and homesses! :party:

    Well I sincerely hope you're all enjoying the sun and heat in Britain, and those further afield, I hope you're also enjoying clement weather.

    Enough of the pleasantries.

    This should be a bit of fun....

    I want you all to post a picture, maybe a line or two about who you think I really am, and what the blazes I actually look like.

    I've gathered from recent 'online skirmishes' that there are some pretty freaky accounts of my identity, so fill yer boots my interweb chums, and post your snappies of me here.

    Diggle snag dog, out.
  2. Cock
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  3. I love it Jarrod, this thread wouldn't be alive without one of your famous cocks.

    Now we just need The Snail to have a drunken rant at me and pour out her death fantasies for me. Chuckle.
  4. Ignore it and it'll go away.

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  5. ..

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  6. And I'll send you all the cocks that Jarrod's sent me. About 31 of them. You cock. X 31.
  7. AAGF


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  8. Don't annoy me you fucking wretch.

    I'm watching Marley and Me and could get quite emotional.

    You don't want to be on the receiving end of that, trust me.
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  9. Don't worry Sluggy, he'll give you a like in a minute. That'll cheer you up. :wtf:
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  10. Fuck off.

    Over there.jpg
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  11. Exasperated Edna says;



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  12. I don't actually care, but I'm sure plenty will post shite while complaining about the quality of threads

    the cocks
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  13. No need for this pathetic cry for approbation. This is a loving, caring,sharing site where everyone feels each other's pain

    And in some cases, their private parts
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  14. A man was admitted to hospital with 6 plastic horses shoved up his arsehole.

    Doctors described his condition as stable.
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