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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gmonster, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Found myself on a jolly, Sausage Side this weekend and was determined to enjoy myself.

    Firstly we visited Hamburg more importantly "The Reeperbahn" "Oh my God is all I can say". Never have I seen so much debauchery in one place. Sex Shops where women shop as casually as the men, most of the women were even having far fetched discussions with the shop keepers over the size of dildo's. I did notice one rather large lady purchase a "Chest mounted dildo harness". Some of the clubs were ok but packed out to the max with a mixture of very loud Americans, Canadians and a large contingent of British. Hamburg kicks off around 2300hrs until forever so unlike the dude in the attached photo (8am in the morning and a very drunken German fellow) don’t start too early.

    Next was Berlin, I found most Berliners very quiet during the day. The Berliners’ have the constant daily reminder of the past a lot more than anywhere else in Germany due to the amount of tourists visiting sites such as the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and sites such as the Russian war Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate. All of the above are good places to visit but be aware of the queues.

    During the night in Berlin our attention was more importantly drew to Orienburger Strasse. We happened upon this very long street whilst latching onto a Berlin pub crawl tour that was going on. We noticed on this street there are obviously a lot of prostitutes every 2-300m and they all seem to wear a uniform of suede FMB's with woolly cuffs, tight jeans, Basques a push up bra and a very tight velvet tracksuit top, needless to say I did not spot a bogging one. A recommendation would be for you to visit “The Gold Bar” about half way up; there are some out of this world ladies in there who will prance for you at a reasonable rate.

    This was just a short stop and a fascinating look at parts of Germany after a 10 year absence.

    What I want to know now is where else is there Sausage Side that I need to take a look at?

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  2. You spend half your post telling us about the gorgeous fit birds you saw, then you attach a photo of a bloke?

    I'm disappointed.......
  3. Yep fair one. I wasnt about to lug around my house brick camera at night so apologies.

    Its been 10 years since i last visited and like i said if your in Germany Berlin and Hamburg are definitely worth a visit.
  4. Yeah, I'm planning on a weekend in Hamburg with some mates next year.
    It should be good!
  5. When you were stationed 1 hour north of Hanover, and 1 hour south of Hamburg, this was the norm every weekend. It was first name terms between the 'ladies' of the reeperbahn and some of our squadron....
    God i miss those days.... :(
  6. It's Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin.

    But yes, that's certainly the area to go for the ladies of the night, also some decent bars. One way up a dilapidated old E. German tower block, can't remember the name. Silberfisch is down there too, which is pretty good when it's busy, though last time I was there it was a Wednesday night and dead.

    Try the Sophienklub on Sophienstrasse for a still Berlinerisch, but more studenty (= fit totty) crowd, or Matrix, down near the East Side Gallery and Warschaeuer Strasse.

  7. There's a tidy Irish bar built under some railway arches near a lapdnacing bar and prozzies in a park near the Synagogue in Berlin (shame cant remember were it was)
  8. Not a million miles from Fally by the sound of it Wiraman?
  9. I presume Berlin still has clubs that feature baths (for good clean fun!) and bars that sell beer in chamberpots (with straws) for communal imbibing. Smashing place for "sexual karaoke."
  10. Thought this was "The NAAFI"? sounds more like "wish you were here"
  11. Mon Cheries, in Charlottenberg, and the Cafe Klu, just off Adenaur platz, near the Irish Harp, respectively.

    Berlin, never been to the place. :twisted:
  12. :D :D :D
  13. Excellent! I've never been good with names. Now, where's my link to ?

    You don't remember the address of Angie's Bar (Nicosia) by any chance?
  14. Sorry, mate, never been to Nicosia. Closest I got was Limosol (sic). I cannot remember anywhere there as I was always pissed up. :)
  15. Whilst I'm thinking about it, if you fancy a cheap trip to Berlin, the Bundeswehr run 2 Anglo German seminars there every year. One for Officer in the Summer and another in November for SNCO's. The accommodation is crap and they do waffle on, but you are let loose in Berlin for a couple of nights.

    I did it a couple of years ago and people where actually getting dicked to go! I think the Brit side is organized by UKSC(G) G1, so get your names down for the next ones. The best thing is, you can tell the wife that you have to go!