Sausage Found In Bunk Bed!

Ok, so I've been away for a while and on trying to catch up it appears all I've missed is quite a lot.

I've managed to fathom that some drunk bugger died in Amsterdam, some other bugger (PA) became a bit racist in one of his posts and was told off, causing him to leave this site, forever, and ever!

Erm, what else? Oh yes, Mike (aka para) Golden bollocks is back on the social nitwitworking sites flaunting his cheesy tat and rusty old 4x4.

So what else have I missed?:-|
Jarrod was too busy wanking himself into oblivion over pictures of Tom Daley and has been since the olympics last year. In other news, I've said very little of late but oddly got lots of "likes". Biped is the locked up pen knife fighting champion of Hastings - well he's probably out by now. MSR solved his dating difficulties by asking his PSI. The Duke gave us an insight into his day job and revealed that he was a Merchant Banker, which many people had suspected all along. Some young people who had never used an SLR told everyone how bad it was. The people who had used it didn't agree. The Iron Duke turned out not to be Lord God Emperor of the Universe.... which was a shame. Everybody got a new uniform and griped about it. Ugly got over-excited about some bolt action rifles. Meridian posted naked pictures of every woman who has ever lived. The Royal Navy turned out to be not as good as it used to be. Dashing Chap had a threesome in which he was the only one not to be sexually involved. Grey Mafia neither confirmed or denied anything about her sexual preferences. The Chief of the General Staff was educated in the ways of righteousness. Some bird from Wales quite likes telling everybody about how she's ok with it up the bumhole. I didn't do a tour. Chimpy is still banned.
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