Sausage and Mash

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bangalore, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. OK everyone - I don't know if this has been done before but Prince Harry hit the nail on the head the other day when he said he was fed up with the same boilies every day. In my own personal experience after having Lancashire Bot Rot every day for about 12 days the thought of it now makes me want to gag (and Lamb stew with potatoes).

    The current Boilies have been about since the late 80's and, apart from having ethnic menus and a small sachet of hot pepper sauce, not alot has changed.

    I think bangers and mash is a good start along with cottage pie, what other meals could be included to make more of a variety for the troops have to live off them day in - day out.
  2. Just a quick question, have you tried any of the ethnic menus? Are they any good?
  3. BTW a mixed grill and fish and chips would be nice lol

    Chinese curry would be a good one
  4. Pasta.

    Plus an assortment of powdered flavours in seperate bags?

    Sort of like a do-it yourself pot noodle.

    Could have half a dozen different tastes to choose from in each box.

    Easy peasy and not expensive.
  5. A double issue, breakfast and main meal, of sausage and beans. :wink:

    For a bit of variety I would like to see a full breakfast in a bag. (Sauasage/Bacon/Egg etc) Similar to the ones you get in tins. :D
  6. I had dehydrated chicken balti once - once! We also had sliced beef/Lamb and green beans in an Artic pack which was a nice change from the norm.

    Bacon burgers/grill fried with onions - you can't beat it, why did they get rid of it?

    Does anyone know who you speak to about this? there must be someone in the CoC
  7. I've had a couple of the Gurkha ones, and they were great. We were quite lucky they've only got two choices I think? and I know they were as bored of theirs as we were with ours so quite happy to swap a couple.
  8. Had a pasta carbonara dehydrated once was ******* lovely
  9. There's a Vegi tika marsala that's ok. Done with potatoes but every bite taste's the same so I wouldn't want to have it more thank a few times. From what I've head though the Jedi/Halal stuff is very good.

    Cottage pie would be a great idea! Different types of pasta. Something with Sweet Chilli on it! Hash browns would be good as well for breakfast. Everyone knows you can fry in a mess tin so let us do some of them. Mini naan breads for the curry stuff. Is there a ravioli? You can have a few types of them as well.

    T C
  10. Kedgeree - with a little sachet of Hollandaise.
  11. The secret is to take a bag of Menu A, for example, and mix with a bag of Menu B. In this way, variety can be extended to 48 (based on Menus A-G) possible theory.

    In fact the only way to make boil in a bag taste good is the addition of your own personal spice mix, curry powder stuff.
  12. Breakfast, Agree with the other chap, Full english, avec hash browns and fried egg. We as a nation are blatantly not piling enough resources into solving the problem of how to put one of these into boil in the bag form whilst keeping the egg runny and the hash brown, bacon and toast crispy... We have the iPhone and toothbrushes that tell you when you are brushing too hard, surely this CAN'T be that difficult!

    Or porridge (didn't this used to be on the menu?) with a selection of things to stir in. (Chocolate, jam, honey etc.) Would beat the shite out of some of the breaskfasts. Corn beef hash...Meatballs & pasta. FFS.

    I also think chilli con carne is a feasible addition to the menu. (unlike my ham and pineapple pizza with side salad idea)

  13. Indeed. Complete with fold away tea pots and toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together.

    "Rat pack solutions for the discerning squaddie."
  14. So do I take it that parcels sent out from UK with plenty of supplements like curry powder marmite etc are well received as additions to help make the rations more palatable and increase variety?

  15. Spot on there cuddles, all this boil in bag nonsence... far too easy etc etc........ Tis basic drills, take a selection of spices, curry powder and the like to gee it up a bit..... thing is, what ever happend to that culinery delight 'chicken supreme' or pilchards with everything that used to appear.....

    Remember the old ammo box lashed to the pack exhaust and filled with tins to heat up on route to the next bridge dem etc... worked ok if ya werent diverted enroute or forgot they were in there :lol: