Pro's and con's?

Thinking about getting one to run in to aid my fat loss.

Seems a good way to cut the fat without losing the muscle?

Cheers for any advice.


Sweat suit? Not a fat suit? Guess what you will lose, that's right, sweat!!!

So when you have a nice tall glass of water, what do you think happens? All that weight you just lost will go back on. :frustrated:

I think there is a thread further down about this. Just don't bother with the suit and get yourself to Weight Watchers boy. :thumleft:
There's only one way to lose fat and that is to burn it faster than you store it. You need to be hydrated to stay healthy enough to carry out this process. Exercise, drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet of good quality food in moderation (if you're exercising you must adequately fuel that activity or you will fail). There are no quick fixes. Experiment a little. Everyone is slightly different. You'll know when you're getting something right because when fully hydrated you'll weigh less (obvious, I know). Look out to 6 months or even a year for a more realistic timeframe for significant weight loss. Plan on losing a certain amount each week and stick with it (keeping an eye on the ultimate goal all the while). Look at the slim and fit people around you; they are not slim and fit because they are the subject of some black art, magical trick or have the luck to have 'thin genes', they are slim and fit because they have kept their heads out of the fridge and their eyes on the ball. Losing weight can be made as difficult or as simple as you want it to be. Just do it. I dare you.


I have no problems losing weight guys.

Just want something to aid it as I want to join the army ASAP.

I lose around 5lbs a week. Huge amount I know, but its from eating healthy and excersisingh. I'm also drunk so ignore the bad spelling ad fgrammar.

Sweat/sauna suits do nothing but make you shed and as said previously you just basically put it back on when you rehydrate. The only way to keep/build muscle is strength training.

If you do not have a massive amount to lose it will not be as dramatic a weight loss as you might like. If you are really trying for ASAP you might like to consider the following -

Cut the alcohol out then for a start it is just empty calories that you do not need at present. Same with anything other than poached or grilled or steamed or raw foods. Lean meat, lots of salad and cut out starchy carbohydrates as that will reduce insulin release and the glyco storage. Onion, tomato, carrot are surprisingly high in carbs. Mushrooms, asparagus and cauliflower are not. Check all food labels anything under 4g carb per serve or per 100g is a good range. Reduce your food intake calorie-wise and increase your calorie expenditure and you will lose weight.

Regular middle band intensity activity will "burn" off more fat than irregular high intensity - go for a walk every day, include some terrain changes. If you have a static bicycle try "spinning" - 8 seconds hell for leather pedalling alternated with12 seconds of just reasonable pedalling. Do that for maybe 30 mins or so 3 times a week on top of the walking sessions. Swimming medium rate laps alternating with a fast walk/jog up and down the pool will take stress off joints but still make you work.

Check out the local health food store and consult a naturopath. Ask them about metabolism boosters. There are several TCM, herbal and homeopathic generic blended boosters out there that might help. Also carbohydrate converters, "fat blasters" and appetite reducers but again consult someone at the place who knows what they are on about. There can be some cracking side effects if you just take anything you find.

As always the above suggestions are on the proviso you are not a walking coronary case. Get your quack's :thumright: before you do anything.
BennnY said:
I have no problems losing weight guys.

Just want something to aid it as I want to join the army ASAP.

I lose around 5lbs a week. Huge amount I know, but its from eating healthy and excersisingh. I'm also drunk so ignore the bad spelling ad fgrammar.

Slightly confused. Why are you asking about 'sweat suits' if you have no problem with weight loss ('losing 5lbs a week)? How heavy are you?


I'm 6ft 2, 16 stone 7lb at present (give or take a pound)

I'm losing weight fast, everyone says I am looking better but they don't get to see me when my top is off.

I can and have lost up to 5lb in one week.

The general concern is I want to look and shape up correctly for the intake. They wouldn't have me last time as I was over-weight which is a knock down. I just don't want to appear fat anymore, had it for 19 years. Enough is enough.

Its no problem if they do not work, its just a general query as I have been reading a bit about them. I want to stay as natural as possible without resorting to any harsh, un-natural measures.

I need to be 16 stone dead to be able to pass the original weight limit and hope to improve there on after.

Its just this last half a stone is proving to be a right bastard. Can't seem to shift it for love nor money.

Sorry if I came across rather agitated or mis-guided. Just in need of some decent tips from people who understand.

sauna suit - just as good as using a bin bag - and theyre no good - dangerous in my opinion

rapid weight loss can be put down to loss of fluid, not fat - and you'll only put it on as soon as you loose it

hope you hit the target - but basic trg will sort you out tubby!
Good luck fella.

Have you tried keeping an eating diary for a week or so? I've tried that in the past and it is surprising just how much food you can put away without realising. Well worth it if you can't understand why you're not losing weight. It can provide a good bit of perspective.


I usually keep tabs on the day itself.

Today for instance has been pretty shit in terms of 'proper foods'.

I've had:

Packet of monster munch, chicken salad, slice of weight watchers pizza and a philidelphia snack thing.

Shit, I KNOW.

Some days are like that, some aren't.

Most days usually go like this:

No breakfast
Lunch: 2 portions of chicken, a salad and some wholemeal bread.
Dinner: Beef, Pork, dependant on what my mother cooks, with a baked potato or similar.

Thats about it, without drinks; (usually water, diet coke or cordial of some description)
Not eating breakfast is a stupid thing to do mate. You need food in the morning to kickstart your metabolism after fasting from the previous night.


Seriously BennnY, get yourself to Weight Watchers. At least you'll learn a bit more about what to eat and what not to eat. You don't seem to be doing that well on your own love.


I do thats the problem.

Its VERY hard to find time in the day to cook properly.

Breakfast is a on/off thing for me, if I have time, I eat it. Which is usually meuseli.

right now I'm having a small beef sandwich (granary bread) and a healthy living yogurt.

I know the things I should be eating, but often mix them and I doubt it works lol.

I have a friend who is a personal trainer and he said he would make me a meal plan for 2 weeks so I wouldn't get bored eating the same old shite.

I'll take him up on his offer.

I can't believe losing half a stone is so hard. I've lost so much recently.


3-4 times down the gym

Cardio work and light (well I say light, but they're light to me) weights.

Usually 15-20 minutes on the excersise bike
10-15 hard running
30-40 minutes weight training.

People say I should cut the training into segments but when I'm at the gym I just can't face more running or more cycling so I use the weights as a comfort blanket I suppose. They're easy to do and keep my heart pumping for some more running in the latter part of the workout.

I do run outside but as shy as it sounds, its bloody cold and wet and I can do the same thing without the terrain in the gym.
Also note you were "drunk" earlier. do you have any idea how many calories there are in beer, wine or spirits? Plus they dehydrate you, knock on effect on metabolism and training. If you want to "lose" weight then it is fat-burning exercise. If you want to add muscle, then that is a different game. At 6'2" and 16 and a half stone (assuming a basic mesomorph body type) you will also want to work on your strength to weight ratio before basic. Monkey bars, ropes and all are the big guys nemesis. Also learn to climb ropes et cetera. Pull ups are a good method of sorting out S to W ratios for example.

I am 6'5" and 15.5 stone for example...
Advice I was given on a course was "eat less and shit more" - worked too!
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