Saudis waste Al Quaeda principal


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From the Beeb at 14:45 today:

Story from BBC NEWS:

'Al-Qaeda leader' killed in Saudi
A man believed to be the leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia has been killed during a police raid in Medina, the Saudi interior ministry says.
Saleh Awfi, one of the most wanted men in the country, was found in a hideout near the city's mosque.

Saudi Arabia has been trying to quell a wave of violence by militants believed to be linked to al-Qaeda.

At least two people were also killed in separate clashes in the capital, Riyadh, and Medina.

"Investigators were able to prove through verification procedures that one of the two killed is the wanted Saleh Awfi," the interior ministry statement says.

Attack warnings

Gen Mansour al-Turki told the BBC that police were now carrying out an investigation of a raided house in Riyadh to try to establish the number and identity of those who died.

Earlier this month, the United States closed its diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia for two days because of security threats. Britain and Australia also warned about potential attacks.

Since May 2003, militants in Saudi have frequently targeted Westerners in suicide bombings and kidnappings.

Militants loyal to Saudi-born al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden have killed more than 90 foreign nationals and Saudi citizens and caused damage costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

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