Saudis propose Muslim Iraq force


Saudi Arabia has proposed that a new international military force drawn exclusively from Muslim countries be sent to Iraq.
The plan was raised in talks between US Secretary of State Colin Powell and senior Saudi officials in the city of Jeddah.

A number of Islamic nations had been approached, a Saudi official said.

Beautiful, LMFARO , Just Beautiful.(In the tone of Bill Paxton in Aliens II)

Dear Mr. Bush and the Beloved Leader,

Welcome to the Great Game , something that has been played in Asia Major and Minor for thousands of years. It is a game, that frankly, and very very obviously, neither of you are equipped to play, and the other team realises that. Actually, they realised it some time ago, and have moved to take the advantage

A Saudi dominated Muslim intervention force, is something that I believe, will be the very worst thing that can happen.

Welcome to Iraq, Wahabbi style.

Do our highly qualified Leaders ,actually believe the problems in Iraq, are fundamentally religious? Is the belief here, "Hey, they are all Muslims, so that should be ok"

Ja , like "They are all Irish" or "They are all Europeans" . Once again, breathtaking ignorance of the minutae of the Islamic world"

Here's my prediction for what it's worth , the Iraqi insurgents will welcome a Saudi dominated Force, well the Wahabbi funded element will.

The other proud , fiercely nationalist indigenous insurgents won't . Oh sorry, they don't exist do they, because it's all Foreign fighters , according to a USMIL briefing I saw on the Baqaba bombing.

I can only assume the Iranians have just about picked themselves up off the carpet , they've been laughing that hard.

Another victory for Neo-Conservative geo-politics, or is that another embarrassing climbdown?

"We don't need the UN"

"We need the UN"

"We will hold free and fair elections soonest"
"The situation is too unstable to hold elections soonest"

We will hold free and fair elections"
"They will be free and fair as long as no Baathists or Fundamentalists run"

Amazing , just amazing. 50+ Diplomats warned of this scenario, and as I remember, they were poo-poohed by the Downing street Spinmeisters and smeared.

They really haven't got a scooby, have they :oops:

it goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. I personally couldn't see it getting any worse but if this does happen, then off we go to a full scale civil war.

Still the haven't got a ****ing scooby :evil:


Got to agree: the only interest for the Saudis et al is in fecking Iraq up good and proper, and preventing the creation of a Shia-dominated democracy. None of the major Arab players in the ME/Gulf has any interest in the successful creation of a rich, functioning democracy in Iraq. This has to be one of the worst ideas I've heard recently.
Still, it will release us for ....Sudan....Afghanistan....etc. Hey maybe thats where POD is getting his spare brigade from! The Saudis take over the Southern Sector :D
Anyone with experience of the Saudi forces in 1991 will look on this proposal with professional disbelief. The term "Saudi army" is probably actionable under the Trades Descriptions Act. Woefully inept, technically incompetent and mind-bogglingly lazy but monumentally arrogant would be my assessment of their abilities. Even the Shiia militia would cut and dice them in rapid order. No doubt the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would get in on that act.

Remember the performance of Riyadh's laughably-named "special forces" against the fundamentalists in their own midst in recent months? They're a bad joke. If they come in, I may take a holiday and volunteer for the Shia militia myself.......


yuo dont want no islam fundimentlist army, theyd be crazier an meaner than a bunch of junkyard dogs!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
A Fortunate Son said:
yuo dont want no islam fundimentlist army, theyd be crazier an meaner than a bunch of junkyard dogs!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Like Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, the baddest man in the whole damn town? 8O
..and of course, I'd forgotten about the Kurds.
The Saudi's don't want the main Shi'a nation to get its claws into Iraq... ie. IRAN. That would spell bad, bad joojoo for the Saudi's.

Iran wants to get into Iraq in abig way. Theocratic Iran v Wahhabi Saudi..... I'd rather sit that one out, thanks Tone.

They are both as fcuked as each other. All we need is Gaddafi and his Little Green Book of utter, incomprehensible SHI-ITE to tip up and "hey, pass the popcorn... this is gonna be good!"

Let them crack on and let's get the fcuk outta there, pronto.
Absolutely right there! The Interstellar Flying Carpet never cut the mustard.

As for Abu Ghraib gaol.... yeah, let them have it. Then we can scrutinise their systematic, run of the mill human rights violations at our leisure. Its common practice in that part of the world. Beatings on the soles of the feet to extract 'confessions', beheadings, stoning of women etc. Yeah, pretty liberal these regimes when you sit and think about it!

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