Saudis Buy Eurofighter Typhoon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Also covered here:-,,9067-1953223,00.html
    The interesting bit is..
    ''The first 24 jets to be delivered to the Royal Saudi Air Force will be diverted from an allocation of 89 that had been assigned to the Royal Air Force from the second tranche of the programme. The MoD said that the decision to divert aircraft from the RAF would have no impact on operations'.
  2. I wonder how many escort agencies were needed to close this deal then!

    Could this be interpreted as a snub to the US though?

    I thought the Saudis were odds-on to go for a US successor to Tornado.
  3. Meanwhile

  4. Well it looks like Dick Evans and Mike Turner still have that knack...Al Yamamah? Certainly sir that will do nicely... 8)
  5. I don't think there's necessarily a problem with US weapons systems, more that you can't use the same golf club throughout the whole tournament.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    A cracking idea to sell these to the Saudis, really.

    Afterall, they are either going to have an Islamic revolution or we are going to be smacking them within 15 years anyway so we may as well sell them the kit they need to fight back.

    Now will someone remind me of the identity of the country that spawned the majority of the 9/11 hijackers?
  7. Do you mean that it would be better if Saudis would bought Russian jet-fighters?

    I suppose that Uerofighters are an excellent solution. At least these planes, their construction and weak points are well-known.
  8. Just go to prove saudis are stupid who would buy a bae product given a choice ? Over priced carp that dosent work .I thought the iraqes used mostly soviet weapons and a few french weapons .Certainly all the stuff I saw burned out in the desert or dumped round shaibah was russian apart from one cheftain .
    The West has been sold the myth of the invincible russian jet for alll
    my life and time &time again it been proved to be a lie . If you bring russian kit to a war facing the west your going to lose
  9. You aren´t being Machiavellian enough MiB - don´t forget, the F-22 is having a few funding problems and is also the only aircraft able to reliably defeat the Typhoon. Want to bet that these funding problems are all miraculously solved now?
  10. Some Russian kit is actually very good.

    I for one know that I would not like to be on the business end of an SS-N-2C Styx missile from a naval perspective and if I had to choose between an SA-80 and an AK-47, I know which one I'd choose.....

    Saying that, why have the Saudi's been given bang up to date technology??? Personally, I can't stand them-they are without doubt the rudest, ignorant race on the face of this planet.
  11. Now now matelot. i'm sure that title belongs to the french. maybe saudi's are the second-placers?
  12. To be fair Sergey, the SU30 is an excellent aircraft, so it is totally understandable why anyone would want to purchase it. The Eurofighter on the other hand....well, it isn't really is it?
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    To a greater or lesser degree the quality of the equipment and systems is very important in determining the result however there is also the factor of whether the bloke paid to strap it to his arrse is willing to do so for real when someone is shooting back.

    It has been shown in my lifetime that having amongst the best aircraft in the world (Mig29) can be no help if the air force run away or are ordered not to engage for fear of crippling losses and their infrastructure is destroyed by an overwhelming initial strike as has happened with Iraq.

    Conversely when skilled, determined and motivated pilots are provided with relatively out dated equipment they can still cause extreme discomfort as demonstrated by the Argentineans and their Sky Hawks.

    I am less concerned with the Saudis having Typhoon from a military viewpoint as any serious hostility with Saudi Arabia would be likely to be a very short flash to bang type of party in the early stages. I merely think it is ludicrous to supply equipment to such a despicable and unstable regime which is likely to be replaced by rabid mullahs within the shelf life of the kit being supplied.
  14. Poor Buggers....Whoever sold them deserves Salesman of the Year award. Eurofighter is too late, too last century and too expensive for it's bang.....