Saudis build 550-mile fence to shut out Iraq

I wonder if this barrier will court as much controversy as the (in)famous Israeli wall.

The Telegraph said:
Saudis build 550-mile fence to shut out Iraq

Security in Iraq has collapsed so dramatically that Saudi Arabia has ordered the construction of a 550-mile high-tech fence to seal off its troubled northern neighbour.

Full text: Telegraph Online
I guess not if they keep to building on Saudi territory and do not encroach on 'stolen' land.

Interesting though, that the country from where several of the 9/11 fanatics originated now has to build such a monstrosity to keep out the hordes of fanatics created by the US's response!! I guess that's what the septics mean by "pay-back".
I suspect it's more for the future than now. When the civil war really gets going the Saudis want to stop it spilling over at all costs. Don't forget they have a sizable shiite minority who aren't very happy.

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