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Saudie`s want 800 Leopard 2 tanks.

Saw it on the german news this morning (I´m useless at posting links) . The Saudie`s want to buy 800 of the latest version of the Leopard 2 tank. The Germans are not sure about going ahead with the deal for morel reasons (they arn`t allowed to sell offensive weapons). The question is what do the Saudie`s want with 800+ tanks: Thats twice as much as we have !.
The Saudis will argue that they are needed for defensive purposes only, to be used against the "goat and camel shaggers" rebellion pending in the wings.
How have they managed to sell Leopard/Leo 2 to half of Europe then? Plus being part of the Tornado/Typhoon and Eurocopter consortiums.
Because they were assured that they would only be used in self defense ! I am sure they will convince themselves that the Saudie`s will only use them in self defense (10 billion Euros for the deal will go some way to soothing a few worried consciences)
Well at least it makes a change in the Krautonomics, actually selling Leopards to a country that does not need a huge loan from some thick necked German banker to finance the transaction.


1. what the **** for, oh yes killing peeps in dish dash with ak (Arabs dont seem to do very well against anyone decent in a tank for some reason,
2 Canny Krauts could make a killing and off load loads of old marders as deal sweetners too unless they have all already been recycled.
I always wanted one of the BW 4wd VW campervans!
Which possible aggressor could the Saudies be afraid of that warrants 800 of the things ?
Probably not a case of a single outright aggressor, probably a case of better safe than sorry with their neighbourhood going to shit. Syrian Civil War, Yemeni insurgency, both Egypt and Libya pretty dodgy, Iraq still unstable and the Saudi's are convinced that the Iranians are the driving force behind the Bahrain opposition so a fair amount to be worried about.
Which possible aggressor could the Saudies be afraid of that warrants 800 of the things ?
They've got Israel on one side, Iran on the other side and they've spent the last two years watching the entire Arab world slowly slipping into civil war and regime change around them.

If I was a Saudi King right now I'd want as much heavy metal parked around my house as possible, providing the crews were paid enough to remember who their boss is.

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