Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. I am having short Holiday and watching the hotel TV.
    One channel is France 24, a English language equivalent of BBC 1, high standard IMO.
    They have just had a short program with the fighting between Saudi and Yemeni Rebels.
    Rows of Yemeni Prisoners bound lieing on their stomachs in a courtyard and then some being taken to one side and er Flogged.
    Really laying in with long slim whips and the comment that it's Sunni and Shiite so ?
    How come the Arab world is not Protesting against this treatment.
    Is Shinner on route screaming War Crimes and Inhuman Rights ?

    Or No Profit so zero indignation.

  2. when did the bbc stop doing english

    besides that
    yeah if you even look at somebody the wrong way in the uk its probably a breach of their human rights
  3. Fantastic, right on, best comment of the year, I can see I have met the Brain of Arrse.
  4. OK jon, maybe this will get the outrage going.

    Oh, wait a minute. It's a 'genocide' already:
    Just a few Iranian students protesting though so you might have a point - where's a Goldstone when you need one.
  5. sunni shiite mix not so defined in the yemen. Given less weight, but the Alhouthi rebels in the north may have been seeking iranian support. Google airstrikes & saudi for recent news, or see what Stratfor have on their site. Their analysis is overly "rational actor" i.e nutters do things for a thought out reason not just because they are nutters, but its alot better that the recycled google news with little analysis that some companies charge and arm and a leg for
  6. Who cares. Let them flog the rebels hopefully the Saudis will stumble across a few AQ camps, I am sure the al-Saud family will have a nice room for them with no view after the recent assassination attempts.
  7. Wrong part of Yemen for that, anyway too many American SF in the way to get a clear bombshot :wink: