Saudi women don't matter?

But that nice King Abdullah is giving them the vote.
I reckon the Saudi bints should do a Lysistrata and their so called men, there'd be lots more man love of course but not many more Saudi Infanta,s.
As this thread appears in the Current Affairs bit, I would have expected some high-brow comments about how Sauid women are repressed and are treated as second class sub-humans but it seems to have been taken over by the NAAFI crowd. Not that I'm complaining really, I think they should all be subservient and willing to go down on all fours to take it up the bum-hole - but only if they're good looking. The majority who are mingers can just get out in the desert and pretend to be camels.

Do Saudi women come in the ginger variety I wonder? Just that I've never seen one.
Shaima Jastaina was lucky, whatever the thinking behind King Abdullah's intervention. She is either reckless or brave. Driving whilst wearing a burkha is after all, one step away from self-immolation.



Yes but their husbands and the taxi drivers won't take them to the polling station, no brainer really!

Does anyone actually give a **** about Saudi women?
I think the religious police are most concerned about them.
I think the religious police are most concerned about them.
I won't say where I was, but I was in a resturant in a muslim state in the mid 80's. It was run by a Chinese chap and it had a perfectly legal drinks licence. (The country is now a dry state).

In the corner sat a few locals sipping Tiger beers. Next thing, in walked 5 or 6 be-suited "gentlemen" with bamboo canes, who walked upto this table and started laying into the guys big time. After a good few minutes they left, leaving behind a right broken and blooded mess.

That was the way the Religious Police treated their own citizens in what was then, a very very moderate Islamic country.

I also worked with a half asian lass whose mother had been imprisoned in Saudi. She was Indian but a British Citizen, the husband Scottish. He worked in the oil game and was living and working in Saudi. She had come out to visit and on the second day had walked out of their house without a head scarf on.

She was reported and was hauled away by the religious Police. She was beaten and sexually assorted and held for 3 days. Once the British High Commisioner turned up she was shipped out of Saudi that very day!

I love a society where a peaceful, harmoneous existence is allowed to develop and flourish...if you are male!
I live in a Middle Eastern country where women do drive - all Ninja-ed up of course and I concur totally with the Saudi ban! They are a bastad nightmare - they never look, never indicate and are always.. And I mean always on the phone. WTF are they talking to? Each other?

This country has a road which is considered the deadliest in the world and you don't have to be educated to see why - it's full of ignorant, arrogant, selfish tw*ts in Dodge Chargers and Porsches driving like that weaver bird advert on uk tv in the 70s - but at 100mph .... Oh and a million totally unaware ninjas with babies on their laps and talking on one phone whilst texting on another.

What a completely f*cked up hypocritical country.

Rant over

I work occasionally in Khamis Mushayt in the Kingdom and believe me the last ****ing thing you need on the streets are women drivers!!!
during granby the religious police tried that stunt on with some female US marines came off rather badly I seem to recall
tbf I doubt wearing a ninja costume makes you any worse than a Saudi man at driving in fact a blind bloke wouldn't be that bad.
Blokes with canes vs girls with M9's… it was never going to end well that one. ;P
it may well have been that time of the month or boredom as the female marines decided to try out their kick boxing skills!!

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