Saudi woman to get 200 lashes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by one-flew-over, Nov 16, 2007.

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    A Saudi woman has had her punishment for 'associating' with an unrelated man increased to 200 lashes and 6 months.

    She was gang raped 14 times and this is the punishment for her being in the company of males she was unrelated to.

    It beggars belief. I hope international pressure would make them stop - but oil, fighter plane deals and apathy from the politicians suggest otherwise....
  2. It seems pretty barbaric to us and you are right, fighterplane deals etc will mean that no politician will do anything to intervene.
    Still, I must add that they have thier own culture and laws that seem alien to us. Is it our place to intervene? They would probably say that our attitude to crime and punishment needs to change also.
  3. Why should "international pressure would make them stop"? This is the law in her country, well understood - and very likely well supported - by all there. Why should we impose our values onto them? We spend lots of our time moaning about the imposition of foreign mores on our society (unless we're 'multiculturists', in which case we love it).
    Well, I do, at any rate. On with the lash.
  4. If Saudi's what to change their laws it's up to them to do it not us. The knock on effect of this will be a few people will stop buying Saudi products. The world will keep on turning.
  5. Aren't we the very people who moan when someone tells us that our way is wrong?

    We may not agree with it, we may personally think it is abhorant, but it is not our place to tell other independant nations how they should meter out punishments for crimes committed in their country.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You'll not hear nuch from the feminists and left-hookers on this one. After all, we ARE multicultural you know.
  7. It's their culture, innit.

    The Muslim Council of Britain were only telling us the other day how we should adopt muslim values as ours were so terrible.

    It's another example of islam at work and more proof that islam rather than going forward in to the 21st Century is heading backwards.
  8. The thing that gets me about this story is the fact that the men who raped the girl only got sentences ranging from 1-5 years. Isnt Saudi sentencing extreme in such cases as rape, or is it more a case of the eastern province that it took place in is more leanient compared to the rest?
  9. 200 lashes is a death sentence
  10. FFS her "crime" was to get gang raped, instead of helping her she gets 6 months and 200 lashes and you think that we shouldn't say anything.
  11. :? Following this, pesky Adolf and his treatment of untermensh was ok, because sticking people in gas chambers was part of the shared norms of the Germanic/Austrian culture? Sorry Legs, I don't agree with you here....

    Giving 200 lashes to a woman who got gang raped is fcuking savage....
  12. In contrast the men convicted of raping her got their sentances doubled. To two whole years.

    Her increase in sentance was for 'using the media' to try to influence the courts and get them to actually punish the guilty. They're a nasty, backward bunch of peasants with ideas above their station and the sooner the oil runs out the better.

    As to 'it's their culture, not our place to interfere', where have you lot been for the last 6 years? Or the last 300 for that matter?
  13. so that's their petroleum and what else?
  14. Oh get lost! Off course it is our place to intervene!
    Such things as universal and absolute values do exist and beating women for the crime of being raped is totally wrong in each and everyones book.

    Saudi Arabia proves again that after a short period of leadership under Colonel Lawrence they once again slid back into a medieval society with the apparent barbaric cruelty and lack of morality that goes with it.

    Sermon cq rant ends.

    I do hope you were being cynical...
  15. What a bunch of pooofs you all are. You sound like state indoctrinated automitons.

    Simple fact is a woman who had the misfortune to be born in to a state where the laws cannot be challenged by women is gang raped and then punished. Women in SA have less rights than a 17th century woman suspected of witchcraft.

    It's not about a country's own culture and laws, its more basic than that. Its about the persecution of a human being. You've got your head too far up your own arrse if you cannot empathise with a fellow human being on that level. God/Allah forbid it was your sister or your daughter.