Saudi torture Britons lose case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Jun 14, 2006.

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    so much for the international court of truth and justice.
    am i being cynical to say that millions (if not billions) of British arms sales may be at risk for criticising the house of Saud?
    or that this state of affairs will echo any chance of ex-guantanamo 'guests' sueing the US Fed Gov?

    regime change to guarantee safety of the people of the west?
    I still say the wrong middle east dictatorship was invaded.
  2. No big shock in the Government not supporting these poor guys, in this case I'm glad they have the chance to go over their heads to Stasbourg. The EU isn't all bad..
  3. It sucks, and speaks volumes for how the govt views its citizens over a large defense contract and oil supplies.
  4. It is a true face of the Western democracy. Whould it be Iran instead of Saudi Arabia....
  5. With this case in view has anyone heard of a 'Gordon Logan' ? He is an American who apparently made claims of actually getting Sandy Mitchell and the others out of the Saudi gaol.
  6. The lawyers and legal types will talk about "Soverign Immunity" and the like, meaning you can't do that law thing a country wot not your own... etc

    But lets be realistic, legal jurisdiction aside, the Saudis are worth way too much money to the UK and the west to risk annoying by a petty case of 4 individuals, who were brutally tourtured by an oppressive regieme trying to pin bombings and terrorism they could not control, on to a bunch of western foreigners, who are easier to blame than to adimt they did not have a clue and could not control their own people.

    The house of Saud would not be so forthcoming with big defence contracts and the like if the UK starts to make a fuss over human rights, just look at the big defence deal that slipped thru when Jack Straw had Former Chilean President Pinochet detained in the UK, they were going to spend their money with UK plc, instead, after their man is arrested (who they all know is a swine, but he is a Chilean swine) they spend their money else where.

    I do sympathise for those 4 guys who were beaten for no good reason, but thats Saudi for you, they will deny their own people could do any wrong what so ever, and its their country and their train set, so no more can be done.

    Edited once as i am still semi illiterate and can't spell, type, rant and be annoyed all at the same time