Saudi prince says he is ready to shag

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. This story may have been inadvertently mixed up by our foolish Philippino printing staff with one entitled "Saudi princess says she is 'ready to drive'".

    No matter; it's the thought that counts...


    ...and they're really looking forward to being on before the goat for a change.
  2. Snigger.

    What goat? Am I missing something?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They are the biggest bunch of 'apostate' hyprocritical, heavy drinking, gambling, whore shagging mongers in the Muslim world. They buy untold amounts of U.S. weaponry and get aid, training and support from Uncle Sam because they genuinely fear an uprising or coup over their blatant double standards. No wonder Ozzie Bin Lid hates them with a passion.

    That said, let the Doris drive. Like I said, hypocricy - can't do it in the Arabia of the Sauds, but anything goes in Monte Carlo, Paris, London, etc....
  4. Women drivers? They will regret it.
  5. They are Defying the Will of Allah and will get scraped bumpers, burned-out clutches and the lights left on full beam as a token of His wrath.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    One of the last bastions of common sense in the world (when it comes to women and cars).

    Don't give in Al Saud - stay strong old bean, you know it makes sense.
  7. Have you seen Arabs drive , every thing is " Allahas Will", not my fault I drove into you "Allaha Willed it "Allaha willed that he should drive his truck over a cliff", "I see no reason, to learn to drive, wear seatbelt, site helmet ect as Allaha will protect me .
  8. Some years ago when considering a contract in those parts a friend revealed the real reason he had left Oman. He'd driven into a petrol station whilst very drunk totalling the car, the petrol station, and some neighbouring buildings in the ensuing fire.

    NO charges as it was deemed to be Allah's will, although he was advised by the consulate to go home soonest. Some of the tale he told of car wrecks at junctions and the endemic drunk driving were enough to put me off.
  9. Tis true, the driving out here has to be seen to be believed.

    Basically if it is phyically possible to do, then the locals will do it. I have seen cars reversing up motorways, going through red lights and then turning into traffic, too many others to mention. No one wears seatbelts, the kids are bouncing all over the place, mostly hanging out the windows while dad drives with his knees, whilst texting on his mobile.
  10. And that's just the Edgware Road ...

  11. cant be as bad as the men .
  12. I remeber an interesting chat with the UK military Attache to one of the larger African nations in the mid-80's. He said pretty much the same thing - a pilot from the local airforce mistook a nearby river for the runway at the airfield and tried to land his MiG fighter on the water. Of course, having the wheels down resulted in a less than smooth landing and both the jet and pilot were totalled.

    The attache said that the official investigation pretty much returned a verdict of "God's will"...

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

  13. The Fahd causeway into Bahrain on a weekend makes Wacky Races look like the IAM concourse parade!
  14. A slight exaggeration there me thinks.
    Any "white eyes" caught by the Omani police drinking and driving will lead to the instant dismissal of said person and out of country within 2 days.

    That said the NIZWA road of death from Muscat to Nizwa used to have some interesting crashes on it :D due to Allahs will
  15. Into Bahrain? Try the fcukers driving back into Saudi absolutely mingmonged after a weekend of drinking in BJ's and whoring it in Baisan towers!

    No-one seems to have mentioned the fact that if you're in an RTA with a Saudi/Bahraini caused by said Saudi/Bahraini, the police will automatically blame the Westerner because 'if the Westerner wasn't in the country, the accident wouldn't have happened and therefore it is their fault' (you think I'm making this up?-40% of UKMCC Bahrain were involved in accidents and every accident was attributed to UK personnel).