Saudi King Fahd dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whiffler, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Reports coming in on this - hopefully whatever stability he has brought will continue.

    But will the nutters take the opportunity for fun & games ?.
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  3. Any advice for us poor buggers living out here. How do you think it will affect life around Riyadh? Talk already of potential airport closure and lots of checkpoints (ie more than usual).
  4. Whilst we have a good FO service, the septic warden messages are well worth taking a look at:

    I know quite a few Saudi's and they dont seem to think it will make all that much difference. The crown King, is a bit more liberal and if they keep the same cabinet, it is unlikely there will be much change (except maybe the relaxation of the alcohol rules).

  5. Just been speaking to someone I know who works out in Saudi. Rumour out there is that he's been on ice for the last 6 months, waiting for an 'opportune' time for hime to 'die' - apparently brownie points if you die during certain times of the Islamic callender. Same think happened with the last head Sheik in UAE. Should have allowed time for the supersession to be organised I guess.
  6. Former Crown Prince Abdullah - now King Abdullah - has been de fecto Ruler of Saudi for the past decade when King Fahd suffered a series of strokes.

    Abdullah was sovereign in all but name.

    In fact he was officially recognised as de fecto ruler after having been Fahd's right hand for well over a decade before that, as in the 80's Fahd's health had started a downwards spiral. I remember myself the concerns over his health when I lived in Saudi in the early to mid 80's.

    I doubt very much that any radical changes made with the new Sovereign's blessing will be a backwards move, or one that will isolate Suadi from the rest of the Western World. In fact both Fahd and Abdullah were and are renowned for some very forward thinking.

    IMO the future of Saudi Arabia lies in the new soverieng being able to take the coutnry even further forward without alienating the immense religious and cultural history that Saudi is famous for.

    Lets not forget .... Kign Fahd did manage to blow over £6million in one day at a casino ;) Pretty western ideals there :D

  7. Listening to coverage of this on R4 tonight. King Fahd has been extremely ill for about a decade - as others have rightly said Prince Abdullah has been in charge over that period. Initial thoughts are that he'll introduce some changes after a respectful period has lapsed.

    Interestingly they said that Prince Sultan has held the Minister of Defence job since 1962!
  8. Foz; dealt with the Daleks?! The Beeb would have us believe a bren wouldn't scrap their trolley-wheeled asses! The Brigadier for PM!!!
  9. The strongest rumour that Elvis had left the building was on or about the beginning of May (IIRC), when, after about a week into his stay in hospital, suddenly all leave was cancelled for the Police and Armed Forces; one or two senior commanders also became particularly twitchy and humourless (so, no change, you may say....). A line of Jersey barriers also suddenly went up on the road in front of the hospital he was in. It was generally believed, as you say, that the Royal family was gearing up for an opportune time for him to go, but the reasons were based on the security issues, of which they have many.