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Saudi Journalist Disappears in Saudi Consulate in Turkey


The Saudi Hawk display team are called the green arrows.
The Saudi Hawk display team are called the green arrows.
First time was RIAT 2011 my pics below (along with their support Herk). As it happened there were a trio of peace protestors outside the blue car park (farmers field) handing out anti saudi leaflets showing their cough cough supposedly crap human rights, shoving them into unsuspecting kids hands. Thing was though one side of leaflet was deceptive showing win-a-free-gift ....anyhow I was shoved one and promtly screwed it up and the local ATC cadets who were tasked with parking and helpung generla public were apologeitc to me as one took it from my hand to chuck away.
I felt sorry as they appeared to be intimidated by these three guys protesting..I had an argument with their leader while standing between him and the air cadets. Their leader accused me of flying and using deplteed uranium rounds (prick). Next day when I returned back to RIAT, no sign of protestors and air cadets were smiling.




Second time t saw them 2011 Yeovilton Air Day (my pic below)


As it happens over the years, likes of the Reds have gone over to instruct and fly with the Greens while on exchange postings or post RAF service.

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Btw just looking back at my adventures at Dubai Air Show, during the 2018 show I wandered past the Airbus chalet area and there was A new CN295W Airlifter belonging to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, still in Spanish reg (as built assembled by Airbus Spain in Aöbercete).


Order was back in 2015

The Ministry also,operates Sikorsky S-92, S-76D, S-70i and they being the only customer for short lived Sikorsky S-434 light training helo.


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