Saudi Journalist Disappears in Saudi Consulate in Turkey

As well as active support of Saudi military operations in Yemen, here's another Sunni Muslim despotism with whom we're only too happy to get into bed.

LGBT+ people to be stoned or whipped to death in Brunei under new sex law
I showed that article to someone I know who does diversity training, and got accused of Islamophobia, according to them it's Islamophobic to equate Sharia Law with Islam

The irony being they'd be first on list to be stoned or chucked off a tall building

It's just weird how identity politics is so ingrained, that they really can't see the elephant in the room
The trial in Saudi Arabia of the group of men accused of murdering Jamal Khashoggi is being conducted behind closed doors in secrecy, according to an expert investigating the murder on behalf of the UN.
UN expert demands transparency in trial of Saudi men accused in Khashoggi killing | CBC News
"To date, the trial of those alleged to be involved in the killing of Mr. Khashoggi has proceeded largely in secrecy, both in terms of the proceedings and substance," said Agnes Callamard in a statement released today.
"The trial is held behind closed doors."
The Saudis have invited representatives from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to observe some of the hearings, but this is believed to be simply to give the appearance of the process being legitimate. These observers have given no commitment to reveal anything about the hearings to the public.
The Saudi kingdom has invited representatives from the five permanent veto-wielding members on the Security Council — the U.S., U.K., France, Russia and China — to observe "at least some of the hearings," explained Callamard.

(...) More worrisome, she said, is the possibility that the presence of state observers may give Riyadh international cover from critics "to legitimize a trial that is clearly not meeting international standards."
The UN investigator said that she believes that the lack of support by other Western countries for Canada last summer when the Saudis went full akbar on Canada for criticizing them about mistreatment of certain women's activists encouraged the Saudis to believe they could act with impunity and so get away with murdering Khashoggi.
Callamard questions whether the international community's silence in the wake of Ottawa's tweet calling for the release of the activists, and the ensuing retaliation by Riyadh, may have helped foster an atmosphere of impunity among those who carried out the murder. (...)

"Had more countries rallied around Canada … It would have been more difficult for those people to proceed," she said.

"I feel that maybe Mr. Khashoggi would still be alive now."
That's an interesting perspective on the two otherwise unrelated events. It is worth recalling the previous posts on this thread with regards to what are believed to be Saudi intelligence operations directed against a Saudi citizen who is an associate of Khashoggi and who is currently living in Canada. Someone, believed to be Saudi agents, hacked into this person's phone and thereby received information regarding the plans of these two to publish information that would potentially be deeply embarrassing to the Saudi government.
The head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who also happens to own the Washington Post, who in turn employed Jamal Khashoggi, was the subject of an elaborate attempt to discredit him by publishing embarrassing information about him in the tabloid newspaper, "The National Enquirer". Bezos later accused the tabloid of an attempt at extortion and blackmail with respect to threats by the newspaper to publish further information unless he agreed to sign a document saying the information was not obtained through hacking.
Saudis gained access to Amazon CEO Bezos' phone: Bezos' security chief | Reuters

The head of security for Amazon has now said that the Saudi Arabian government had some sort of access to Bezo's phone and obtained information from it. He didn't explicitly say "hacking", but that seems to be the implication.
The security chief for Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said on Saturday that the Saudi government had access to Bezos’ phone and gained private information from it.
The Saudis previously denied having a connection with the tabloid stories.
In February, the kingdom’s minister of state for foreign affairs said Saudi Arabia had “absolutely nothing to do” with the National Enquirer’s reporting on the affair.
The Amazon security official said his findings have been turned over to US government officials.
De Becker said he has turned over the findings of his investigation to U.S. federal officials, without elaborating.
This is a rather interesting development in light of previous reports posted here about how the Saudi government are believed to have been behind a phone hacking incident directed against a Canadian based associate of Khashoggi, which enabled them to obtain information about plans by the two to publish information which would discredit the Saudi government. A few days after this Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

This phone hacking incident was discovered by Citizen Lab in Toronto, who themselves were subsequently the subject of apparently two more conventional intelligence operations to try to obtain information to discredit them.

The connections between all of these incidents is rather interesting.

You make some excellent points.

For some reason the link won't play, but if you have a look for David Ignatius' opinion piece in the WaPo on 29 MARCH 2019 - there's some excellent drawing together of threads. Including commercial training given to Saudi's in the US by SF/ex-SF contractors. This gave them a direct action capability, backed up by the on-line capability being sold to them.

This is a very interesting little article - the thrust of which is that we (using that for the west generally) may well have given children matches, and we should not have been surprised when the house got burnt down.
(...) For some reason the link won't play, but if you have a look for David Ignatius' opinion piece in the WaPo on 29 MARCH 2019 (...)
I had a problem today with a CBC link. I had to remove the "https://" from the beginning before the forum software would accept it. If you include the http part of the address, then the forum software goes out and fetches the story headline and inserts that into the post. If you just begin it with "www", then it just inserts a clickable link as is.

These problems with the forum software occur now and again and then magically go away after a while.
The following story has a wider implications, but I will examine it here for its connections to this thread.
Subscribe to read | Financial Times

To make a long story short, Israeli company NSO group make and sell hacking software which they supply to various dodgy regimes around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Their software was implicated in hacking the phone of a close associate of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the phone containing details of a project the two had planned which would publish information deeply embarrassing to the Saudi regime. Very shortly after this occurred Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. I have previously posted that story of this phone hacking on this thread.

That associate of Khashoggi was in Montreal, and the phone hacking was uncovered by Citizen Lab, which is run by the University of Toronto. After Citizen Lab uncovered this, they themselves were the subject of what appears to be two separate unsuccessful foreign intelligence operations directed against them.

The links between NSO group and the murder of Khashoggi as well as other serious human rights abuses has resulted in a lawsuit being directed against NSO. That lawsuit is being headed by a London based lawyer on behalf of a close friend of Khashoggi (and others in unrelated cases) and is intended to force the Israeli government to suspend NSO's export license. Amnesty International have joined in on this lawsuit, saying that they too have been subjected to NSO phone hacking.

Now it turns out that lawyer has been targetted by yet another phone hacking exploit, also apparently connected with NSO.

This new hack uses a vulnerability in WhatsApp which allows an attacker to hack into the phone by just placing a call through WhatsApp's VOIP call feature and then immediately hanging up. The target doesn't need to download anything dodgy or visit any websites. He just has to have WhatsApp on his phone and for the attacker to call him and immediately hang up.

WhatsApp have been scrambling to fix the hole and pushing out a patch to fix it. If you use WhatsApp you may wish to ensure that you update soon after the fix is available.

It looks like the murder of Jamal Khashoggi would appear to have continuing implications.
Murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fiancée is in the US talking to a US congress committee about his death and is asking the US to investigate it.
The Turkish fiancée of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi asked U.S. lawmakers on Thursday to launch an investigation into his killing and bring those responsible to justice.

"I cannot understand [why] the world still has not done anything about this," Hatice Cengiz told a congressional panel through a translator. Speaking in her native Turkish, she said the very ideals of the United States are at stake in the way the country responds to Khashoggi's killing.
"It wasn't just Jamal that was killed, it was also ... the values of the United States," she said.
There was nothing in the story which suggests the US will actually do anything further about it at this time.

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