Saudi fighters are leading the surge in attacks on British

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Will Bush now put pressure on the House of Saud? Me thinks not!

  2. First of all my sincere condolences. RIP lads.

    What is it? Suppositions, theories, fantasies or established facts? I don't see evidences. Was even one Saudi citizen captured in Basra? What is his name? Did he took part in terrirst attacks, in planting of IEDs?
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Saudi Arabia is nearer to Basra than Baghdad so its logistically easier for them. There may also be a greater local feeling for them for the same reason - therefore easier to operate.
  4. If it is true they can feck off! It just shows what a short memory they have. If it hadn't been for Desert Storm they may well have been citizens of an Iraqi state of Saud now & under Uncle Sadams boot.

  5. I dont understand where these people are getting their information from. Delete 'Saudi Arabian' insert 'Iranian'
  6. Just out of casual interest....Constant reporting last year from locals ALWAYS blamed wahhibis. Try for part of an old article from Kuwait.

    Wahhibis always refered to outsiders...99% of the population just want to get on with their lives, geta job, pay the bills, have water and Electricty all the tiom, sea Doctor, send their kids to school, which why most of the schools in the AOR had parents on guard a lot of the time!
  7. Surely, it does not matter what the nationality is of those who seek to attack us.
    'Targets fall when hit' Who cares if it is a fig 11 or some other sort of target?
  8. It helps if we know where they are coming from, as that allows us to interdict their communication and supply lines (catch them on tehri way in, and put pressure on their govt to control their borders), and to better predict who is likely to be planting the IED's.
  9. hmmm, could be said that the wrong nation was invaded to get a regime change.............. just were did most of the 9/11 hijackers come from again??
  10. exactly. certainly knew there were lots of saudi mujehadin in bosnia in 95, they even flew their flag (cheeky barstewards).

    why is anyone even slightly surprised, or demanding to see evidence? involvement of saudi nationals being publicised might offend our "ally" saudi arabia. who don't have much oil or anything.
  11. Does it matter what country the terrorists hail from? Their hateful religion is the common denominator. maybe the world would be a better place without these Islamic Fundasatanists, (Is Bin Ladin the Anti Christ?) I'm with Old red Cap.... hose them all down and let Beelzeebub sort them out!
  12. No idea whether the story is true but no doubt that Saudis will be ever so more supportive of Western measures against Iran after finding out that the Iranians are sponsering Saudi citizens to commit acts of terrorism. Oh the irony!
  13. Problem I have is that what I am about to say will open the door to those who suscribe to the 9/11 conspiracy theory that the whole thing was a put up job by GWB and his oil clique but here goes. There was overpowering proof that the dodgy pilots and air crew were in the main Saudi. The condemnation that came from that did not faze the Saudis. That is why I think Agent Smith has too simplistic a view. As for border controls, just what sort of troop levels are needed to ensure the country is watertight? As fast as we put troops into an isolated position, they attract 'freedom fighters' and it will all end up like Beau Geste.
    If he is aggro - shoot him. Dead. Then get ready for the next one. In time the politicians will come to some rubbish compromise that lets the US get out 'with honour' and that will be the end of another sad episode. Vietnam. NI. Aden. Suez Canal. Cyprus.
  14. Very true, but the does fact that the vast majority of IRA members were Irish, mean that it would have been OK to invade Eire?

    Not in my books, but a sure enough excuse to put serious pressure on the Eire government to get their fingers out and do something about the terrorists in their midst.
  15. Could be applied to 'Christianity' in Northern Ireland!

    Would that excuse nuking the whole of the Island? Not in my book.