Saudi Eurofighter Deal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_matelot, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Damn! you beat me to it.

    Reading the link it seems that the Saudis have actually made an order to BAE, and aren't buying the ones that the RAF doesn't want or need. Pity...
  2. I think that's highly unlikely. These will almost certainly count towards one of the UK's tranches from the original 232 take-up....
  3. that would be nice, however I doubt that the forces would ever see the funds released. No doubt there are some quadriplegic asylum seeking lesbian encounter groups that urgently need funding...
  4. This was all supposed to be very hush hush. Oh well, it's out in the open now.

    It's been building for a while. I don't know the figures, but we don't need all the ones we're commited to buying. It works out cheaper to flog some to the Saudi's and run on the F3 for a few more years than it is to have loads of redundant aircraft lying around.
  5. Be nice if the Kuwaitis and Indonesians have some too
  6. Maybe we can purchace some cannon ammo for the ones we do take now then?

    So... The headlines equally read "RAF fighter procurement cut"?
  7. Tell that to the everyone who has been complaining about the lack of CAS in places like Afghanistan. The Typhoon is replacing the Jaguar in RAF service, as well as the F3.
  8. I think they might be waiting for CAS for some time if they are relying on the EF for it.
  9. Bit of a long shot here, but considering the shortage of CAS, why not use some of the many Hawks the RAF has?

    The Indonesians use it for this role. YesI know that the Hawk can't carry as much as the Harrier, but there are more of them. Also, every RAF fixed wing pilot learnt on one, and there are loads of RAF pilots in non flying jobs. Plus they are very smple to maintain.

    Apparently our ones only have 2 weapons mounts, but I have been told that it is easy to add another two, which is what the export model has....
  10. They only bought them to get another round of BAe bribes.

    Weekend at Spearmint Rhino Minister? Sign here.....
  11. Three cheers for the Kingdom of Saud, tripples all round on Carlton Terrace!!

    That hospitality chalet at Farnborough was worth every penny then?
  12. Except the Rafale has trouble taking off of French Aircraft Carriers because they're too short (apart from that huge great nuclear powered thing). With hindsight they should have been a part of Eurofighter aswell.

    Crabtastic: the difference is that the Jag was going out anyway, whereas the F3 had only just started to be run down. The final decision wasn't made until it was proved that it was cheaper to continue running F3's than it was to get extra Typhoons.
  13. Just as well that Clemenceau and Foch were being decommissioned anyway then. :wink:

    Not following your logic. Are you implying that the F3 Sqns who would have converted to Typhoon wouldn't have been trained to perform the air-ground role? Or is this to do with the different tranches and Tranche 1 being less capable. (Can remember the ins and outs of this bit off the top of my head.)
  14. They wouldn't yet. Tranche 2 is only for the fighter variant. Tranche 3 is for the swing-role.